Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7 Saptember 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7 Saptember 2020, Chori asks Karthik if he realizes his mistake. Karthik says yes and asks him to enter the house.

Chori closed the door. Karthik tries to lure Chori with sweets, clothes so that he opens the door.

Chhori refuses to believe Karthik. Karthik feels that Chora is more adamant than Naira.

There Kirti asks Suvarna if she has done wrong.

Suvarna tells Kirti that she was wrong yet because Karthik realizes his mistake. Further, the priests come to Goenka’s house for worship.

On the other side, Naira arrives and places Chauri at the door. Chhori lies to Naira that she is not opening the door to anyone.

Naira tells Chhori not to open the door for anyone. Meanwhile, Karthik jumps inside Naira’s room. He sees her effigy and becomes happy.

Also, Karthik sees Naira’s ring and is in the misunderstanding that Naira is thinking about getting divorced with him.

Naira and Karthik face to face. Karthik tells Naira that he realizes his mistake. Naira refuses to talk with Karthik. Karthik shows his disappointment and talks with Naira that he will not let him make any hasty decision.

Naira misunderstands Karthik and thinks that she must be talking about appointing a doctor for Manish. Karthik reveals that he will not let her get divorced.

Naira was surprised to hear Divorce Naira hit Karthik with a broom. Chor likes Kyra’s cute fight.

Further, Naira and Karthik clear up their misconceptions. Naira tells Karthik to return to Manish. Karthik tells Naira that Manish needs him equally.

Naira tells Karthik that she will not return home as she remembers her words whenever she is around. She leaves the place.

Chhori asks Karthik not to stop trying. Karthik decides to do something for Naira.

Meanwhile, Chhori informs Suvarna that Karthik is planning something and that everything will not go well between them soon, he will infect her.

Later that night, Karthik tears up seeing Karthik’s attempt to say sorry.

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