Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8 March 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8 March 2021,Maurya telling Karthik that he is taking Kairav ​​with him to the market. Karthik asks Maurya not to buy chocolate for Kairav. Sīrat and Karthik are left alone. Sirat gets upset with Karthik for accepting the challenge.

He yells at Karthik and asks him if he knows about Kabaddi. Sirat asks if she knows the rules of the game. Karthik says no. Seerat is angry and asks Karthik why he jumped and accepted the challenge when Mukesh was challenging him.

There, Mukesh asks his boys to break Karthik’s bones. He asks that Karthik should insult him in front of the villager and asks everyone to call him. Meanwhile, Karthik sets off for their meeting. Sirat takes tension for the match. Karthik starts his meeting.

Serat calls Rohan to make the team. Rohan tells Sirat that he is not in Jaisalmer. Serat did not tell Rohan about the match. This is where he meets Karthik. They return home with the car. Maury tells Karthik that he told her not to buy chocolate, he gave her the car.

Mensh, Karthik and others were shocked. Mant asks to focus on meeting Karthik. Maurya asks Karthik if he needs anything. Karthik says no. He tells Maurya about his meeting. Maurya surprised Karthik, after getting the information of the meeting on mobile, asks Maury to wait for a while as he will finish the meeting and talk with her later.

Next, Karthik meets. Sirat comes and informs Karthik that no one from the village is saying yes to being in his team and fighting against Mukesh. She says that neither she nor her father have ever played kabaddi. Karthik feels that Manish and Akhilesh are the kabaddi champions.

He decides to seek their help. Chief Karthik did not receive a call. She remembers how Sirat insults her. Ment called Karthik back. Karthik apologized to Mains. He further elaborates on Mukesh’s challenge and asks him to come to Jaisalmer with Akhilesh and Luv-Kush. Manish gets upset to learn about the kabaddi challenge to Karthik and breaks his ties with him. He tells Karthik not to return home.

Sirat listened to Manash and Karthik. He tells Karthik to return home. Mansh informs Goenka about the kabaddi match. He says that he hates Sirat. Riya and Surekha speak against Sirat. Suvarna tries to convince Mensh that Karthik needs him the most.

The chief is determined not to favor Karthik. There, Seerat asks Karthik to return home as his family loves him very much. On the other hand, Akhilesh and Luv-Kush make an excuse to go out of the house. Also, Karthik decides to play a match.

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