Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9 March 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9 March 2021, The kabaddi match between Kairao and Karthik happens on a mobile phone. Karthik asks Kairav ​​if he is feeling well in Jaisalmer.

Kairavat says yes and asks Karthik what about him. Karthik says that he too. Kairavat and Karthik watch the match. Sirat says that he too had once thought of making a cake by looking at the mobile but it all got messed up. Karthik asks Sirat if she will teach him kabaddi. Siraat agrees.

Sultan title track play; Sīrat taught Kartik Kabaddi. Mukesh looks at Karthik and Seerat and tells Sheela that he was not more excited than winning as much as he did this time to loosen Karthik.

Sheela asks Mukesh what he will do. Mukesh says that he will destroy Karthik’s name. Karthik and Sirat practice kabaddi. The villagers saw Sirat and Karthik practicing and said that only Mukesh would win. Man out announcing the kabaddi match.

Whereas, in the practice of Sirat and Karthik, the eye is closed. On the other hand, Riya tells Surekha that it is not strange Akhilesh, Luv Kush all left home together. Surekha says there is silence in the house without her. Suvarna arrives and tells Surekha that Gayu is missing. Riya says that Goenka should go to Gayu’s doctor. She says that the case has gone on Gayu.

Karthik goes to bathe there. Sīrat instructs him. Further, Maurya and Sirat discuss that they have nothing left at home to feed Karthik and Kairav. Sīrat says that Karthik is going to fight for them by putting his life at stake and they cannot even feed him food. Maurya and Sirat get stressed. Karthik listened to Maurya and Seerat. He interrupts and says that Kairav ​​is craving for dal-baati.

Kairav ​​comes and asks Karthik what he is talking about. Sirat and Maurya understand that Karitaka is lying. Karitaka asks Kairao, he sometimes told him that he wants to get dal and baati. He signaled Kerva. Kairavat said yes. Karthik asks Kairavat to bring Serat and Maurya as well.

On the other hand, Gayu seeks out Naira. Suvarna and Surekha lie to Gayu. Gayu Vetia for Naira. Here, Karthik returns home. Maurya and Sirat were trying to help decode Karthik. Sīrat returned some money to Karthik. She insists on taking him. Meanwhile, Mukesh spreads nails towards Karthik. In the morning, Maurya wishes Karthik and Sirat.

Later Karthik’s leg was injured. Seerat took the nail and asked Karthik to leave the game. Maurya also tells Karthik to go back. Karthik becomes eager to play. Due to his team being incomplete, Mukesh and his team laugh at Karthik. He tells Karthik to call his team. Akhilesh, Luv-Kush accompany some boys to support Karthik.

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