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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 11 August 2020, Karthik is coming to Naira. He was sad. Naira comes home and prays. She feels guilty. Suvarna, Surekha and Gayu come. Suvarna told her not to blame herself, everything happens by fate, God gives reason to go there.

Gayu tells her to start preparing for Teej. Grandma tells her not to go against Karthik again. Naira said sorry. Suvarna said the accident could happen anytime. Devyani comes and asserts his right, I wanted to come and give Teej Shagun to both the girls. She tells him to forget the accident and think of the celebration.

Grandma says yes. Suvarna said you promised to make our 25th Teej better. Naira said I remember. Gay asks how his sister-in-law is. Devyani says she is fine, come home to meet her, I will meet Manish.

Suvarna tells her to come. Naira thinks of Karthik and cries. Naksha comes and asks tell me what happened. Naira says that Karthik told me not to take that path, he is angry with me.

Naksha asked if he is upset, maybe he is scared, his father and wife met by accident, he loves you both. Karthik tells the man to send Naira’s medicine quickly.

Naksha told Naira not to feel guilty and not to understand Karthik’s fears. He makes her excited. He says Teej tomorrow, I will tell Naira to celebrate Teej with Tina. She says and I will celebrate with Bhautik. What does he ask She said nothing.

Karthik sat talking to Manish. He told Manish to get well soon. He says I love you so much Dad. Nair is also injured. Karthik comes and helps her.

He goes to bed. She was sad. They cry Everyone is ready to keep Teej fast. Suvarna says Manish is fine, she slept all night. Surekha and Nai wished Suvarna for the 2nd Teej.

Grandma says I made all the meals. Naira eats. She imagines Karthik coming to feed her. She smiled. Yeh moh mo ke dhaage. Pledge… Naira is sad and leaves. Grandma says he always comes. Suvarna says that maybe he is worried about Manish. Karthik got sweets for Naira.

Naira said I don’t want to dream. Karthik says he is sorry for the behavior. Naira asks are you scared or angry? He says both. She says sorry, it happened because of me, I couldn’t forgive myself. He tells her to forget, sorry about that. He tells her to give him something to eat and to make ginger tea, he will be hungry all day.

Naira asked, “Have you fasted too?” He says yes. She feeds him something. They have a moment. Yeh Mohan K. K. Games. Karthik and Naira returned. Everyone teases her. Akhilesh and Samarth come and join them.

Manish says we are all partying without me. Karthik asked him to come. Naira asks if he is OK. Manish says I feel good, the doctor gave me a lot of medicine, I felt dizzy. Naira said your medicines are different. Manish asks her to give him some kachori.

Naira says sorry, it’s because of me. Manish says forget now. Everyone eats a meal. Karthik thinks of the doctor’s words. He goes to call the doctor.

The doctor asks how is your father? Karthik says he is fine. The doctor says then there is nothing to worry about, I will check the report and call you. Karthik thanks. Akhilesh told Manish to get ready. Manish sees the toy car advertisement and laughs. Karthik comes into the room. He looks at Naira and holds his heart. She smiled.

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