Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 12 August 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 12 August 2020, Flirting with Karthik Naira. He admires her deadly look. They laughed. She says I didn’t come here to do the item number, I would put the lehenga border, otherwise I would have fallen. He sits watching her. She asks why do you look like that? Palko K Sirahane… .Pale… Suvarna said I put Manish and my photo here. She is waiting for him. He came. The lights go out. She told him to get ready and come quickly. She goes. The lights come on.

Grandma loves decorations. “We wanted to make it special for Suvarna and Manish,” says Naira. Grandmother says Manish is still young. Karthik says I think I am his father. Grandma says that this also happens sometimes. Surekha asks Dada to start the story. Akhilesh says what will we do. Samarth says that Karthik can be present, he fasted. Grandmothers pray for the family.

Everyone dances. Manish comes and sees. Rishtan Mein Pyaar Hai प्ले .Play… .. Karthik pulls out Naira. She shows the toy. They laughed when they saw the frog and the lion. They do romance. Chukar Gai… Drama. They go inside the car. They see the moon and come home.

Karthik says the moon has come, come soon. Grandmother tells Manish and Akhilesh to come quickly. Everyone fasts. Let love be found. Games. Suvarna said I have made kheer of your face, now stop it. Grandmother keeps a record of them. She tells them to give water to his wife. She says I’m clicking pictures, it’s your turn Manish.

Manish drinks water. Suvarna asks what are you doing, you should feed your mother first. Naira said I look happy. Karthik says they look perfect together. Manish releases water. Aarti plate fell. Suvarna shouted. Manish ran away and got scared. Everyone is shocked. Karthik remembers the doctor’s words and goes to ask what happened. Manish pushes him.

Manish ran away and fell. Karthik saves him from getting hurt. Karthik asks that you are not able to recognize me, you love me so much, look at me, hold my hand. He was sad. Manish grabs him and walks away. Doctors get reports. He says I had doubts about this. Suvarna cries when she sees Manish. Manish tells her to go away. Everyone cries.

Karthik calls the doctor. He says my father. The doctor says I’m going to call you. Karthik says Manish is behaving strangely, he was healed in the morning, don’t know what happened in the evening, he looks like a scared and lost boy, he doesn’t know me. The doctor says I have seen his report. Karthik asks what it is. The doctor gives an explanation. Karthik shouts. Naira asks what the doctor said, what is in the reports. Karthik walked away moving her away.

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