Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 17 August 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 17 August 2020, Kirti is coming home. She dances with joy. She does Aarti and ties Rakhi to Karthik. The bond of love. Games.

Karthik stopped her from going to Manish. She hugs the fake and says the duty officer changed and I requested him, my reports are ready, there is confusion, my reports were negative and they sent me, I thought come here and surprise all of you. She hugs the family. She dances with Naira, Naksha, Surekha and Karthik. Karthik remains restless. Kirti hugged Manish. He runs after her.

Kirti was shocked. Naira held the fame. Karthik tells Manish to relax, they are best friends. Naira tells him to look at Rakhi. Kirti asks what is happening, tell me. Akhilesh tells her everything. Naira asked do you want this rakhi? Manish nodded. Naira tells Kirti to build.

Manish says Kirti is not a friend, only we are friends. He asked Naira to tie a rakhi around him and perform Aarti. Naira performs rituals. He remembers his words and wipes away the tears. He takes Naira aside and gets angry. She asked what I did. He slapped her. Everyone keeps an eye on it.

He says he didn’t care that his actions could hurt anyone, what you were pretending to do, to tie the rakhi to my father, you wanted to prove that you care, if you cared, his condition would not be the same. Naira says we were going on the main road, the road was blocked. He says you had an accident. She says I did not do it on purpose. He says I know, it happens carelessly. He gets angry and throws presents.

He says we took it the same way. She says yes, Manish told me. He asks what the result is, see his kingdom, you have no mercy on him, you are guilty or not.

Naira says I feel guilty but… he lies, you feel nothing. She said no. He says Dad went for you, he cared for you. She asks me, why. He says he wanted to get your academy back. She is shocked. He says he’s going to meet the buyer, you’re the cause of the accident, you took him that way when I stopped you. She cries He says your tears won’t help now, Manish won’t be like before, I won’t feel well, you ruined everything,

Manish forgot his name, can’t even speak now, it’s all because of you, you snatched his identity, you caught my father. Naira says I’m sorry, I didn’t do it out of ego, I will do what you say. He says bring my father back. Everyone keeps an eye on it. He asks if you can bring him back, he should be as happy and caring as before, then I will forget everything, if you can’t do this, leave me, stay away from my father, please get out of here. Naksha shouts enough Kartik. Karthik says don’t talk about it, you have seen Manish’s condition.

Naksha says it was an accident, you are blaming her. Karthik says I had advised her not to make way, yet she went and had an accident. Naksha says my mamma also met by accident, you remember or forgot. Everyone keeps an eye on it. Naira stops Naxal.

Naksha says, tell me, we lost our mamma, it was because of your sister, your whole family hid it from us, Naira met mamma some time ago, but she forgot her grief and thinks of others, you can’t see the truth of your grief : Manish is suffering in front of Kha, but he is alive, he is behind us, our mamma has left us, you say if Baba comes back like before, I pray that he will be fine as before, but we have the condition, you We have to bring our mother back. Grandmothers cry and pray. “I’m afraid this wave of anger is destroying all relationships,” she said.

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