Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 19 August 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 19 August 2020, Naira is playing with Manish. Karthik smiles and plays with them. A couple sees the girl and thinks of tricking her. Karthik and Naira fall down. Jehan Vahan… .play…. Karthik says it’s hot outside, we’ll go in and sit, I’ll make popcorn, come on. He takes Manish.

The couple lie to the nurse that they are the parents of the girl. The nurse says I’ll make a discharge paper, you can take it. The girl thinks this is the same man, how does he know that I am here.

Samarth says that it does not look good, but Manish cannot help us, Karthik is not thinking about business, we have to take power in our hands. Akhilesh is thinking Dadi slaps Samarth and weeps.

Grandma scolds him. Karthik and all the people come. Dadi says that you were waiting for this day, how can you say that, Manish has loved you like his brother. She also scolds Akhilesh. Samarth tells him not to say anything to Akhilesh, he is Laxman for Manish.

Dadi says that Samarth did not consider her a brother. Samarth says, do not say, he is my brother, I have made a mistake before, I will not repeat it. Akhilesh tells everything to Karthik. Karthik says that Akhilesh told me about Samarth’s idea, I agree for it, it is not wrong, father is not wrong in the decision making position, we should not bother him. Grandma cries.

Karthik says that it is better that we give our powers to someone else for some time. Naira asks Dadi not to get angry anymore. She says that when Ram ji went on exile, Bharat kept his shoe on the throne and managed, we can take it like that, it would be harmful for the workers too, if we had another way, Karthik And Akhilesh would have told us.

Samarth says, yes, I did not say that POA can be in my name, it can be in Karthik or in your name. Karthik says no, I have the responsibility of my father, you take this responsibility. Samarth says no, I wanted a family, I don’t want all that. Karthik says, then its decision, Akhilesh…. Grandmother said yes. Akhilesh says I am not.

Karthik says that I will get the signs of Dad, you have to manage, you cannot deny it, no one can do it except you. Akhilesh plays sad … this relationship … he goes to seek Manish’s blessings. Manish runs away. Everyone watches. Karthik says that he is our friend, we will play a fun game. He wonders how Dad will sign. He asks Manish to put a thumb impression.

Manish does. Akhilesh cries. He says that I will manage it till my brother Ram returns home. Grandma wore Samarth. Naira gets a call from the nurse. The nurse says that you said that you will pay the girl’s bill. Naira says yes. The nurse says that she cheated on you. Naira said, I’m fine. She will not listen further.

The nurse says that her parents took her home. Naira comes to pay. The nurse says that I told you that her parents took her home, saying that she did not have the money to pay the bills. Naira says that she said that she is an orphan. The nurse says don’t trust him, maybe they taught him to say so.

Naira leaves. She says why I think those people were not the parents of that girl, maybe some relatives. The girl walks by the couple. Naira does not see him. The couple argues and follows the girl. Naira checked the file. She reads the letter that her daughter is not alive. She becomes depressed. She comes home The girl gets down from Dicky. She smiles seeing Naira and follows her.

Karthik and Naira talk to Kairavat. Carav cries and says that I want to come home. Naira asks what happened, did you fight the dynasty. Kairao says that the dynasty is teasing me, Gayu is bringing her sister, I want a sister too. Naira says let her sister come. Kairao says that I want my sister. Dadi asks her to stop crying and pray to get a sister. The girl likes the house. She sneaks into the house. Karthik and Naira see the girl coming. Karthik says who he is. Naira says how she got here.

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