Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 21 August 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 21 August 2020, Chhori requests Naira not to send her with the inspector. Inspector asks Chhori why she is harassing Naira. Naira feels that she cannot let Chhori stay at home, otherwise she will come to know about the accident and get upset. The inspector tells Naira that she will take 2-3 days to make the paper before shifting Shiri to Chai Care and asks Naira until he will drop the girl on the same street.

Chhori asks Naira that she will not send him as she will do all the household work. Karthik interrupts and says that the theft can come back for 2-3 days. In addition, Inspector asks Karthik if he wants details of the child who went missing from the hospital at a young age.

Karthik and Naira reveal that their daughter is no more. Karthik asks Naira to take care of the girl, not bother Manish.

Further, Chori sees Manish playing video games and wishes to play. He snatches video games from her and Manish collapses. Karthik, Naira and Goenka terror. Karthik handles the situation. Naira asks Chori to apologize to Manish. Chori says sorry to Manish.

There, Suhasini wonders why God sent a theft to her house. Here, Karthik asks Manish if he is hurt. He remembers his moments with Manish and makes Manish happy. Suvarna cries remembering her moment with Manish.

Naira later scolds Chori for harassing Manish. Chhori stops Manish mad and Karthik interrupts him. He secretly tells his father not to call him crazy.

He tells Chhori to steal it, that he will send it back to her, the way it prevented her from leaving the house. He asks Manish to stay away from the theft. Chhori asks what will happen if Manish comes to him. Karthik asks Naira to understand the theft as she brought it to him.

Further, Suhasini and Karthik decided to celebrate Janmashtami. Here, Naira tries to understand the theft. On the other hand, Suvarna reveals her heart to Manish. He asks her to return to him. Karthik listened to Suvarna.

There Gorika gets excited at home. In the morning, Goenka celebrates Janmashtami. Everyone prays for Manish. Manish loses his composure and kills Karthik from the book. Manish says that he does not have a good book to read. Naira decides to help Karthik.

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