Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 24 August 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 24 August 2020, Naira is shocked to see Kirti and Aditya in the car. Karthik comes there and gives his phone. She says that Kirti and Aditya…. He asks who. He tries to show.

He looks at Kirti alone. Keerti sees them and gets shocked. Karthik says what Kirti is doing here. She says that maybe they have seen me with Aditya.

Naira asks who came with you. Kirti says I came alone, Naksh will come later. Karthik receives Grandma’s call and asks how I am coming. He goes.

They come home Manish flees a plane and asks for Kittu and Naira to dance. He says I remember everything. Karthik says that remember more. Naira’s white dress, dance, says Manish, the doctor said that maybe an old memory has returned, Dad is recovering.

Naira says yes, maybe. Suvarna and Dadi ask Manish to see them. Manish got angry. Karthik makes him sit. Dadi says that Manish is getting her memory, he will recover. Everyone gets happiness. Chori says it is good, I am not scolding them. Dadi asks Karthik and Naira to dance, maybe Manish misses something. They have agreed. Naksh looks at Kirti and thinks why he is not happy. Karthik says we will dance for you. Manish sees his picture.

Karthik and Naira go to the store room and try to get their costumes. She says Dad is recovering seeing the picture, call the doctor and ask what we can expect. He says that he did not answer. He helps her. They have a moment. Freeze is sung… .play…. They get costumes.

Naqsh says that you will not look happy like everyone. Kirti says that I tried, but I couldn’t. He says that we decided not to fight, you can be happy, because Manish is happy. Kirti says I will try He asks are you late on the way? Kirti says that I thought to get a gift for Dad, I met Karthik and Naira, I came with them.

Naira thinks why is she lying to him, was she with Aditya, was he Aditya or maybe I was wrong, how do I know, I should talk to Kirti.

Manish listens to songs and dances. Naira prays for her recovery. She says that parents can be in any situation, but can do good for the children, they have united me and Karthik, we will make them fulfill their real self. Chori argued with Surekha. She sees laddus.

Bhabhima says that I am happy to see everyone together. Dadi asks Chhori not to see Bhoga. Chori says I just wish God his birthday, will there be a party, I know a song. Grandma tells him to leave. Chhori takes the laddus and goes away.

Karthik asks Naira if she wants to talk to Karaiv. They talk to Carav together. He tells about Janmashtami. They say that our Kanha is not here.

Kairav ​​tells them not to be sad. He talks to everyone. Looks small. She becomes depressed. She imagines herself to be pampered by him. You who… play…

Karthik says that you are my princess. He puts her on Tiara. Chori’s dream ends, she cries and says that you did not give me a family like Kairavat. She prays and says make me their daughter, I want this family. He gets a smiley balloon. After talking to Kadi, Dadi says that I am sad.

Surekha says that we should wait till Manish is healed. Kairav ​​asked Chori. Naira says she didn’t leave, she will leave soon. Kairava asked if you have given my room, don’t do it, just I can live in that room and your heart. Karthik says that yes, there is no one in our heart. Kairao says I love you mamma. Karthik and Naira say I love you. He finished the call.

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