Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 25 August 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 25 August 2020, Manish tells Manish that he is hungry. Karthik was sorry and said that he would have food soon. Naira asks Manish what he likes most, Manish asks him to make sandwiches and noodles.

There, Chori plays and Gayu sees her. She tells Samarth that girls are different from boys. Both argue to be girl or boy. Meanwhile, Chori sees the sweets and hides them inside a flower basket.

Naira asks Chhori what she is hiding. Chhori lies to her and says that she is taking flowers just for decoration. Naira asks Chhori if she is not lying. Chhori asks Naira to check the basket if he wants. But before seeing Naira, Gayu calls her.

Also, Chori eats sweets and Manish arrives. He also eats sweets with her. Later, Suhasini cries after finding the idol of Krishna missing from the house. Chhori sees an idol of Krishna in her flower basket and thinks to tell Naira.

Later, Suhasini demands Naira to be thrown out of the house after stealing the idol. Karthik asks Suhasini to leave the talk. Everyone laughs at the arguments of Chauri and Suhasini.

Later, Goenka celebrates Janmashtami festival. Karthik and Naira worship. Kayra prays for Menash and family. Meanwhile, Naira receives an orphan’s call. The woman on the other side says that she will come soon to steal.

Chori listened and said that she does not want to leave. Further, Sudha reveals the story of Chori which corresponds with Kayra’s daughter. At the Goenka house, Goenka celebrates Janmashtami. Chori leaves home.

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