Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 27 August 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 27 August 2020, Everyone is looking for Manish. Surekha says that there is no theft. Kirti says that they are both missing. Karthik says I will see.

Surekha says that Naira is not even a girl. Naira goes to investigate with Naqsh. Karthik says that we have got nowhere. Grandma cries and prays. Karthik says that it is my fault for leaving him. Naqsh says that we do not know where they are.

Naira says that I am worried that Chori too, I wish they were alright. A man says that I have seen a mad man some time ago. Karthik says that he is not crazy. The man tells him to go and see. Naira says that I wish he was Manish. Grandma says send my son back. Karthik sees Manish dancing and begging, Chori works with him. They were all shocked.

Karthik shouts stop all this. He runs to Manish and wears him a coat. Chori says I did nothing, I do not know when Manish came here, I do not know when he followed me, I did not ask him to dance, he was watching me and dancing, I am not begging I was working hard, okay sister.

Naira scolds her. She says when you knew Dad was coming after you, why didn’t you come back, you got these clothes from the children’s room. Chori says I knew you would tell the inspector about me, so I became Krishna, otherwise you would have sent me to the ashram with Sudha. Karthik cries and gets angry.

Naira asks who told you. Chauri says I have heard it, I do not want to go to the ashram. Karthik tells Manish to come with him. He says that this girl should not come home.

Naira says that we have to take her along, we cannot leave her on the streets. He asks where she lived before meeting you. She says that she is our responsibility. He says enough, she did not come home. He goes. Chori says I will not come to your house. Naksh says I will take him home.

Chori says I’m fine here, I’ll be on the streets. Naira says that as long as the people of the ashram come, that is my responsibility. Chauri says that I did not go to the ashram.

Naira scolds her. Chhori says that I do not beg. Naira says that you know what can happen to you, it’s not safe to stay on the road, you can’t understand it now, don’t argue, if you try to run again, I Slap you, I am on the road and ashram too, ashram life is better than living on the streets. She cries.

She asks Chhori not to argue with him. Chori agrees. Naira says sorry and thanks. Naksh says come home, don’t worry. Naira feels that nothing will be right, I cannot see Karthik shattering. They come home Everyone cries seeing Manish. Kirti asks how can you be careless.

Naira says that the accident did not happen due to my negligence, no one went out when father was here, no one knew about it, did anyone knowingly do it, no, okay, everyone Why thinks wrong Suvarna says no, no one is thinking wrong. Naira says that everyone is misunderstanding me.

Surekha says no, we get angry on the person we love the most. Naira says that I have no complaints about Karthik’s behavior, Kirti is in my position. Naira says that I too was there during the accident, I think you are guilty, instead of helping me you are blaming me. Suvarna says calm down, no one is blaming you. Grandma says forgive us.

Karthik lets Manish change his clothes. Manish asks for money. Karthik cries and misses him. He throws money and gets angry. Manish got scared. Karthik feels that I hurt your feelings, I do not have patience, I am your son and can become better. He pacifies Manish.

Chori likes the house and says that Naksh should keep me here, like his dream house, Naksh is not rude like Karthik. The doctor says that Manish’s mental state is such, we cannot see what he will do, it can be dangerous, we should do his surgery soon.

Karthik says no, I am not allowed to, I cannot take the risk, he lost his memory, I cannot stand if anything happens in his life, I will be with him. Doctors say that you have a personal life.

Karthik says no one is more than that, he had a heart surgery a few years ago, he cannot do another surgery, I read on the internet. Doctors don’t believe those things, says Manish’s condition can be a problem for everyone. Karthik says no, we do not want surgery. The doctor left

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