Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 28 August 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 28 August 2020, Karthik said that surgery is risky and he does not allow it. The doctor left the place. Suhasini asks Akhilesh his opinion.

Akhilesh says that both Karthik and the doctor are right on their end. Naira comes in the middle and says that whatever happened last night, Karthik is upset because of this, so they should give him some time.

There, Chori creates a bad story about the orphanage and tells her mother-in-law. Mother in law has sympathy for her. Naira listens to him on the video call and tells him to stop the theft from making stories.

Naksh then asks Naira why she called. Naira tells about the surgery. Everyone prays for Manish to recover. Kaveri asks Naira what she thought about her special day. Naira says until Manish is cured.

Here Manish and Karthik spend time together. Seeing Manish and Karthik, Goenka tears up. Suvarna then wishes Naira and Karthik’s relationship to heal soon.

Late at night Naira waits for Karthik. Karthik brings flowers but keeps them in the room. He wishes his birthday with all his heart and leaves the room.

Also, everyone in Singhania house gets ready to celebrate Naira’s birthday. Mother-in-law also tells Chori to get ready. Chori refuses to go to Karthik’s house, she later agrees.

Kirti tells Naqsh that if she does not want to leave, she will stay back with him. Naksh tells Kirti not to make an excuse for theft if she does not want to join them for the celebration.

In the morning Naira remembers her moments with Karthik. She does not see the floors laid by Karthik. In addition, everyone surprised Naira with Surprise Birthday Bash. Further, Naira realizes that the birthday surprise is planned by Karthik. Due to Manish, Karthik reveals that he has arranged a birthday surprise for her.

Later, the delivery boy surprised everyone, saying that Manish called her for the day and revealed that he asked her to bring him to the Akshara Dance Academy today.

Naira, Karthik and others were surprised. Karthik remembers the words of Manish. Akhilesh signed the papers. Naira cries. He refused to take the papers.

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