Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 29 August 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 29 August 2020, Akhilesh asks Naira to get the Academy papers. Naira refused to take the papers.

She wishes to return Manish’s memory to God. She burns the candle and prays to God to fix everything. Naira also announced that she would not take the paper until Manish handed it over to her.

Suvarna tells Karthik to keep the papers in the temple, when Naira decides to get the papers only after Manish recovers.

Naksh talks to Kirti there. Keerti says that she does not understand why bad is always with good people. She receives Aditya’s phone and becomes restless.

She redeems herself from Naksh and receives the call. Kirti asks Aditya why he called her. Later, Kirti informs Naksh that he has to go to the office immediately.

Here, Naira cries thinking about Manish. Naksh comes and consoles her. Meanwhile, Naira drives Chori out of the house. She follows him on the road. She looks for Chori.

Naira realizes that Chori is trying to buy a gift for her. Seeing her efforts, she gets mesmerized.

On the other hand, Naqsh seeks Naira. Suvarna and Naqsh discuss about Karthik and Naira’s relationship. Meanwhile, Naira takes Chori to the restaurant. He places Kirti there and is shocked.

She decides to find out the truth. Naira spots Aditya at the restaurant. She tells Chhori to order anything to eat and she gives the money. She sends Chori.

Chhori orders ice cream and other items. She becomes happy. There Naira goes to Kirti. Aditya sees Naira and goes into hiding. Keerti asks Naira what she is doing here. Naira asks Keerti if she is here to meet Aditya. Kirti was surprised.

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