Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 29 July 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 29 July 2020, Naira is thinking of Karthik’s words. She says that if I get hurt like this, how can I save Karthik? She cries She looks at the board for the road and thinks of finding evidence there. She goes there and asks about the accident. Watchman says the camera is off, the police also came to ask.

She asked him to show her the footage of the other camera. She says I just want to save an innocent man, your parking lot is near that area, maybe I’ll find that person. Watchman asks her to check the footage before the manager arrives. She checks the footage.

Naira sees his car and thinks that Karthik is not driving the car, who got the car, the driver is on leave. She calls home and asks about the car. Surekha said, it is in the garage, why do you ask me, Akhilesh and Manish are waiting for you. Naira said I will come home and tell. Naira said someone took this car but who, I will find it.

Surekha teases anyone and pays. Naira sees. Surekha said my name should not come up in this case, nothing will happen, go now. Naira remembers talking to Karthik and Surekha. Karthik prays to Krishna. He says once tomorrow after this confession is signed that everything will be fine, keep Naira away from me. Naira ran into Suvarna and said sorry, where is Surekha. Suvarna asks what.

Naira asked if Surekha had caused the accident. Suvarna says you lost it, don’t tell it to Surekha, we don’t know what’s going on, Karthik has to tell us, we can’t doubt your family, you have to be strong. We are doing this for Karthik, we will do whatever you say to save him. She goes.

Naira says I am not saying it was wrong, it happened before, when Mansi had an accident with Mamma, then Karthik should be blamed, maybe even this time…. She seems to be going well. A note purse fell down. Naira takes it and checks the parking slip. She says Surekha had gone there, why did she lie to me, why did Karthik go.

The inspector says your family is rich and they have contacts, you have everything, people try to defend themselves, why are you not doing anything? Karthik says that sometimes games are lost. The inspector asked him to ask until tomorrow. Naira came to Surekha and said I need to talk.

Surekha said I am not well, then come. Naira says maybe your guilt. She says how can I ask her, if I don’t find the truth, the case will go to court. Karthik says it is not your fault and mine, it is our destiny that separates us. Ahatein. Games. He thinks of Naira.

Akhilesh says Surekha never listens to me. Naira asks what. Akhilesh says ask her, she has hidden a big truth from us. He asked Surekha to open the door. She says I’m not well. He shouts. She opens the door. He will ask her where she went yesterday and what happened there. She says nowhere.

The joint card asks who filled the petrol. Naira said the petrol pump is near that place. She says I went to send things for Love and Cush. He asks. She says I am their mother, I cannot leave them. He asks why you are always blackmailing Karthik emotionally.

She says you never come to see them, I went there to send them some food. Naira thinks, I feel really bad for suspecting you, Karthik is in the police station and my mind is going crazy. Grandmothers do kachori. She says Karthik will not eat in jail, I will go and give him food with my hands, I will not ask him anything.

She prays to Karthik and cries. Grandmother met Karthik. She says don’t worry, I won’t ask anything, I wanted to see you, I wanted to eat. He eats kachori. He got Naira’s note. Grandma says Naira had to write a letter for you, don’t throw it away, read it, the inspector will know about it, if I have done a good deed in my life, God will help you, nothing will happen to you. She goes. Karthik reads…. I know you’re hiding something big, you didn’t have an accident, my heart never agrees that you can leave someone to die, I swear to find the truth, I’ll just do the right thing.

He says Naira, if evidence is found, everything will go wrong, once the confession is signed then nothing can happen. Naira thinks what it is, what am I missing. She prays. Manish asks how can anyone be in such a hurry. Akhilesh says yes, Sita signed the contract and sent the money, the manager said there will be a promotion tomorrow, she works very fast.

Manish says yes, but what is the use of Karthik being in jail, sometimes I think God took our son and he gave us money, I wish everything would be fine, he took the money back and gave it back to our son. Akhilesh says yes. Naira remembers threatening Sita Karthik.

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