Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 3 August 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 3 August 2020,Naira thinks I’m good with good people and bad with bad people. Kundan says I don’t have the paper. Sita says we had the paper. The man says you can’t go inside. They can hear the sound of boarding. Sita says you go. They say the letter of permission is missing. She asks if she fell down in the parking lot? She says we will go and check. Karthik asks when I will go to court. The inspector asks if you have a grudge against yourself, there are too many cases, let’s see what happens to your work today that you have luck. Karthik says that my destiny is related to the destiny of many people, I just want to get a decision. The boarding counter closes. Sita says I want to send Kundan till Karthik is in jail, we can’t trust Naira.

Naira shows the paper and comes to them. Goenka also comes. Sita remembers and says you were that girl. Naira said, yes, I had to call Tina to do this, you have done such a bad deed with Karthik taking advantage of someone’s helplessness, do your principles teach this? Kundan hits Karthik. Naira yells at him and tells him to stop. Naira asks Your values ​​teach you this. Sita tells her to look at herself. Naira says I made a mistake and apologized, you can get forgiveness for this mistake. Sita says you lied about your business, I dealt with Karthik, he agreed, he took money from me for my son’s freedom, I have done a good job by supporting all of you. Naira says whatever I do will be a great act. Sita says I am not afraid. Naira says you are scared Karthik started sending you to court signing documents, was taking Kundan, I don’t know what, I can do.

Sita tells her to stop. Naira says I will not remain silent now. Sita says you will not get Kundan, I will send him. Naira said the permission is still needed. She put tears on the paper. Sita says you have given her a lot of freedom, they don’t know how to talk to the elders, you have done this to her, wonderful family, you are all liars. Grandma says enough, I think your own upbringing is wrong, values ​​behave not out of clothes, Naira doesn’t cheat anyone in a fake case. Manish says she worked as Tina which will sustain our staff. Suvarna said she felt guilty and wanted to tell you the truth. My sister is both traditional and modern. Sita says stop, I don’t have time, you all keep talking till Karthik is in jail. She goes with Kundan. Grandmother says such a bad woman. Naira says we got her plan failed so she got angry, Kundan is here. Nandan asks how we can prove that Kundan had an accident. Manish says Karthik will not accept this, Sita will not let the truth come out. Grandma says we have to hurry. “We need to find evidence against Kundan,” Naira said. She remembers Kundan’s words. She says we will go home.

They come home. Naira checks the swing. She says you put the swing, you thought the rope could be weakened. Manish says yes we have kept it. “There is nothing wrong with that,” says Akhilesh. She says I had seen Kundan. Manish asks do you want to do harm? She says he was against me, I also told Karthik. Suvarna said it was his idea to call Tina. Naksha says it means he is doing something that Sita does not know, if we get more information we will find the truth, Karthik should not be punished. Akhilesh says that maybe Sita understood that she was sending the right person to jail for a wrong person. Surekha said Kundan is her son, she will forgive him, I also supported Lovela and Kush’s grandmother said, Sita is Kundan recently. Naira says I only have Karthik, maybe we will succeed, I will not lose.

Naira says it was a nose phone, Kundan wanted to do business alone, Sita was not involved in it. Manish says that I also found that Kundan had come to the customer, Sita does not know. Akhilesh said the lawyers texted, Karthik and the police reached the court. Suvarna said that this could mean punishment for Karthik. Naira cries. Grandma tells her to do something faster. Naira says it is not a sin to deceive the cheaters, it is the only way we have.

Kundan comes to meet Naira. He asks why you called me. She says to make a deal, I want my Karthik, you want your mother’s chair, you don’t want it. He asked who told you. She says Sita doesn’t let you become a businessman, right. He says I’ll take the chair anytime. She says you broke the swing rope, I know everything, don’t worry, I can help you. He asks. She says the blame for the accident will go away from Karthik, I will take revenge on Sita, I don’t want money, we will sell the house, if Karthik is with us we can do anything, he is young and dynamic, unlike you … he says in our company Is also young and dynamic. She says that Manish and Akhilesh Karthik always listen. Run traditions and values

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