Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 3 Saptember 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 3 Saptember 2020, Meenakshi says that I am your mother, I gave birth to you and raised you, you supported me, I never left you. He asks if you want a price for these favors.

She says I want my rights, this house needs its successor, if you are not a Mishti then you will be the heir’s father. Vishwambar says, I have pity on you, you are a mummy and cannot understand the meaning of mother. He goes and says Mishti come with me.

Meenakshi says that my son has the right to get the happiness of his child. Abir says that I do not want this. Meenakshi says that Mishti, it is difficult for me to see Abir in this way, Abir has a habit of going against me, so he is supporting me, his grief for not getting a child will come in your relation, then you will think that What am I saying right.

Abir shouts Mishti my life. Meenakshi says that Mishti is a girl who cannot inherit my family, she is unfortunate for this house, she has to leave her house. Abir says that you are proud to be a mummy, how can you say that.

He says I am sorry, forgive my mother, she could not understand the pain of her son, what would she understand the pain of her daughter-in-law, we always fought.

Meenakshi says that there were fights between us, you won, as I have let you win, Mishti is a burden on us. It is the logic of the world.

Mishti and Rajshree wept. Abir says please do not take Mishti. Mishti says that I will die without Abir, no .. Vishwambar takes her. Abir says no please. Kunal says please stop them, Kuhu and I are making you grandma.

Meenakshi says that I do not just want a grandson, I want a real heir for this house, just my real son Abir’s child can be an heir. Kunal, Abir and Kuhu get shocked. they cry.

Jasmeet says I feel bad for Mishti, anyway, what can be done, ask Kuhu to do something, its the right chance, Meenakshi wants the heir to give the heir, Kuhu heir, maybe it will be good for Kuhu .

Varsha says that Kuhu is my daughter, Mishti is also like my daughter, how can you think like that. Jasmeet says that Meenakshi decides that the heir will be Abir’s child, not Kunal’s, we have to do something, otherwise Meenakshi will burn Mishti and Kuhu’s happiness.

Vishwambar says forgive me, I cannot leave you in this house. Mishti says that you know what happened while I was away from Abir. He says that you have to bear the pain.

Abir says that the world is right, I am upset with you. Vishwambar says that I know that I should not have talked to your mother like this, but I could not keep quiet. Abir says, you rightly said, I am upset because you are taking your daughter, not your son, mother needs an heir,

Kunal remembers Meenakshi’s words. Kuhu approaches her. He cries. Kuhu says that Varsha said that Meenakshi talked dirty to the world, does she think Abir can give her the rightful heir.

She cries. Kunal sees Parul crying. Kunal holds her hand and tells the mother. they cry. Yeh Rishte… plays…. Parul says that when someone’s identity is snatched away, darkness surrounds me, I was in your place, I was identified with my husband, when he was gone, I could not see any way, when Darkness is dark, so the stars show up.

By the way, you were my star, I did everything for you, your star is someone else, not me. He says Abir. She says that your identity is Abir’s younger brother Nanko, you just have to support her. Kunal says yes and hugs her. Parul hugs Kuhu.

Abir says that I will leave the house, but not Mishti. Vishwambar says that you can leave this house, but not end the relationship with your mother, he will always hurt Mishti, I can only take Mishti home, I cannot take you away from my mother .

Abir says that the real relationship is of love, not like our names, I want to get away from my mother, I want to protect Mishti, because my mother is wrong, Meenakshi is a businesswoman and deals, I leave Mishti Give.

Mishti asks Vishumber to give Abir a chance. Rajshree says please He says that if you want three like that then it’s okay. Meenakshi takes medicines. Parul tells Abir not to go anywhere. Meenakshi says that Parul tells Mishti that she has no place in this house.

Parul says that I can understand your pain, but look at the situation of Mishti … Meenakshi says that I have understood everyone’s pain and I did everything I could, but not today, I will do what I want, I want a real heir for my family.

Kunal and Kuhu arrive. Meenakshi says that Mishti can stay here if she can give me an heir, then no. Parul says her wrong. Meenakshi says don’t forget your place, manage your kitchen, I will manage my family.

Kunal asks why are you saying this. She says that I have decided it. Abir says about my life, you manage your office, I will manage my life, come Mishti. He on his

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