Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 31 July 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 31 July 2020, Grandmother Carav, who asks Kartik not to feel bad, has gone to his mother, go and get ready, it is not good to love a stranger so much. Karthik thinks she is right, I have nothing to do with him. Naira watches Liza caravan. She told the driver to move on. She says that if Caravan sees me here, he will ask me why I didn’t come in, that’s fine.

Karthik gets ready. Naira comes and asks you to forget me, why are you giving my place to someone else? He says your place is only yours, you left us, I am doing this for those who expect this from me, I am guilty before Vedika and Caravas, I thought you should understand me, get out of here. She disappeared.

He says what Liza says about the hotel, my account was hacked there. Samarth says you come with me, guests and media have come, handle the media. Karthik thinks of Kairav ​​and Naira. The reporter asks Karthik about his first wife, he loves her very much, how can he marry another, this is the second phase of his life. Karthik says, thank you for coming, this is a very big day for my family, so thank you.

Carav asks why we came here again, Dad’s house is big, his family is big too, Grandma gave me a coin. Naira says yes. Carav asks what is this, should I throw it? Naira says that it would have been made by the grandmothers for the engagement of Cardik and Vedika, how did Caravala get this art. Grandmother asks where the report went.

Samarth asks the tribe if he kept it? The tribe says, no, my mother taught me not to touch the objects of worship. Samarth and Gayu argue. Grandma says this is not a good omen, Guruji said in a protective thread. Suvarna says don’t worry, we will find her. Carav says I want to go to Dad. Naira says we will go after doing some tests. Carav goes to play.

Naira is listening to women watching Udaipur news and talking about Karthik’s second marriage with Vedika. She cries Raha na kyu pehle jayase. Pledge… The engagement time of the clan sounds. Karthik and Vedika’s thumbs change. Women watch the news live. Naira watches the news and remembers her investment with Karthik.

Karthik looked at his blue stone ring and smiled. He imagines a blue ring. He sees the altar and the other gold ring. He was sad. Carav hugs Naira. The doctor says we want to file a caravan. Naira asks how can you do this, you can’t admit it, tell me what it is, Dr. Call Pallavi. Naira cries.

Karthik tries to remove the ring. He counts the days and says that today the new countdown will begin, the days in which I feel guilty, the guilt of being with someone else. He cries Suvarna comes and grabs him. She cries She says you come here every day, you can’t forget Naira. He says I will remember her and love her. She says but she is not now. He says she’s alive in my heart, I think she’s still alive, I’m looking forward to seeing her so much. She says that even I think she is alive, Manish stops me from thinking this, but my mind does not agree. He says yes, I think there is some connection between Naira and Kairav.

Naira said don’t touch my son, he doesn’t look sick, call your superiors. Lisa says it would be urgent if they were taking some tests. Naira said I will make a decision for my son. The doctor says we have to send samples for tests in half an hour. Naira did not say, I have Dr. I want to talk to Pallavi.

Dr. Pallavi comes and asks Doctor Joshi to take a sample. She takes Naira and says I don’t want to waste too much time, let me speak straight, try to understand, your child is sick, sorry, I know what you are doing, I can’t keep you in the dark, are you telling me Ready to hear, he suffers from atrial septal defect, there is a hole in Carav’s heart. Naira was shocked. She says no, it’s not possible, you’re lying, my son runs all day, he plays football, he’s fine, maybe someone’s reports have been exchanged, it’s happened before.

Dr. Whether Pallavi says no or not, I got the report back again. Naira says, tell me, does he look sick, he went into a trance. Dr. Pallavi says no, he is sick. Naira says he’s fine. Dr. Pallavi says if you accept this well, you can blame me, I will not back down from my duty, he is my patient, my responsibility, do you understand? Naira does not shout.

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