Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 18 August 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode 18 August 2020, Naira stops Naksh. Naksh shouts that I ask Karthik. Kirti says that I will answer it. She says when I saw Dad in this state, after a long time, I was heartbroken, wrong to blame Naira, we all know Naira can’t do it, Naqsh it is Mansi’s fault Thi, but faced Karthik, he remained in jail for several days, he said that he is innocent, Naira did not trust him, if his annoyance was justified,

Karthik’s resentment is not unreasonable. Naqsh says that he is suspecting Naira. Kirti says that Naira suspects Karthik, she is just hurt. Naksh says that this does not mean that he harms everyone. Gayu says his wrong that Karthik blames Naira, we know the result when he blames him, we should not repeat that mistake again, you are older, you should convince Karthik, you are stopping Naqsh. .

Kirti says that I explained to him that it is wrong to blame Naira. Naksh says that you said that Naira carried out the accident. Kirti asks what is wrong Gayu says that you are blaming Naira, it is like a mental torture. Naira asks him to stop arguing, no one needs to speak in his favor or against him. She says Karthik is right, I had an accident, why did you get the old case back, we have to end the case, don’t pull it off, it’s my fault, I accept it, I’m really sorry. She cries and goes to her room.

Naksh goes to comfort her. She says that you did not think they are so worried, it is not easy for them. Kirti says, I know, it is not easy for you, you will be angry, it is not small anymore, it means to take care of Manish. Naira says that we should support Karthik, we should focus on Manish, go home and apologize to Kirti. Kirti says that I was shocked to see Dad in this state. Karthik hugs him and says sorry, we met after a long time and this Rakshabandhan. She says that we will be together for Dad. they cry.

Naksh says that you felt sad. Naira says don’t say that. She embraces him. they cry. This sage … plays … Grandma cries a lot. Devayani says that you should have talked to them, they did not misunderstand when Karthik blamed Naira, I know that was wrong, if Karthik was driving the car, would he doubt himself, I think Naira is an outsider to all of you.

Dadi says don’t say that, I can also say that Naira comes first for Naksh and Kirti. Argument. Akhilesh asks him to calm down. Suvarna says that Manish will be impressed if she sees it.

Karthik takes care of Manish. Grandma cries. Gayu says that Rama called. Dadi says that I cannot talk to anyone, I have to talk to Guru ji. Samarth says that Karthik has to do this. Akhilesh says that he refuses. Samarth says customers and deals will not wait for us, business will sink again. they worry. Naksh apologizes to Kirti. He says that I messaged Naksh after I realized I was angry. She says we are older, we have to show them the right path, sorry to argue, I was shocked to see Dad’s position, thank God this day finally ended. He says and our annoyance too. She says that it is not known if their annoyance is over.

Naksh says that I am upset for something else, I want Krish home, you give me many reasons, you came without Krish, was there an emergency. She thinks sorry, I can’t tell you. Karthik is sitting sad. Naira cries and thinks I can’t finish it.

On its morning, Manish says that I want to go out. Karthik says no, stay home. Naira asks if we will go out. Manish says yes. Naira says that Mannu is not sick to be in the room all the time, it will be fun, you will get fresh air. Karthik says that Mannu is not sick, then not everyone needs to become a doctor, I am here to take care of him, we will play board games. Manish goes with him.

Karthik says that I will meet Papa inside. He gets a call from a doctor. The doctor asks how Manish is. Karthik says that he is the same. The doctor says he is not ill, stop treating him like he is sick, let him be with the family, fresh air, exercise and the outside world are applicable to him.

Karthik sees Naira and Manish playing. He talks to Keerti over the video call. Kirti watches Manish on a video call. She cries. He says, I am not worried, I am for him. shook her head. Naira looks at Karthik. Suvarna says that Manish is not well, Karthik and Naira are so lonely.

Surekha says that Manish does not know the relationship, why did Karthik become conscious. Suvarna says that I also blamed Naira for Shubham’s death, I don’t know why we commit such mistakes. Surekha says that if he had recovered, Manish would have recovered soon, when Karthik and Naira were together, the end result would have been fine. Manish stumbles. Karthik catches him.

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