Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th Saptember 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th Saptember 2020, Vishambhar begins when he asks Mishti why she is surprised when she herself states that the adopted child is different. He asks that he say the same to Abir.

Kuhu tells Mishti that she did not know, Mishti’s idea is very rude. Mishti explains that this is not what she meant. But seeing Meenakshi’s adoption response, she felt that her adopted child would not be confident in front of other children in the house.

Varsha and Rajshree explain to Mishti that she is more than thinking. Mishti agrees to adopt the child.

Meanwhile, Meenakshi discusses with the doctor about surrogacy. She asks the doctor to begin the procedure as she will bring the signature of Mishbir. Here Abir and Mishti discuss about child adoption.

Meenakshi brings up the subject of surrogacy. Abir is irritated by Meenakshi’s thinking. Meenakshi gives results about surrogacy.

Abir opposes Meenakshi’s decision and says that he does not want Mishti to experience second-hand pregnancy. Further, Abir leaves home with Mishti.

Later, Abir comes to know that Meenakshi takes sleeping pills. Dynasty arrived at the hospital. Abir gets emotional thinking about Meerakshi’s act of harassing him.

Kunal, Kuhu and Kaushal worry about Meenakshi. Abir blames himself for Meenakshi’s condition. Kunal asks Abir not to blame himself.

Vishambhar learns about Meenakshi’s condition and says that she just wants to fulfill his wish. Varsha and Jasmeet worry about Kuhu.

At the hospital, Meenakshi regains consciousness. Abir gives ear to Meenakshi and says that he too will end his life as Meenakshi taught him, not facing the problem is just ending the life.

Consuming sleeping pills makes Meenakshi angry. Meenakshi cries and apologizes to Mishti for harassing her and at once urges her to think about surrogacy.

Later, Meenakshi thinks that she can also keep Mishti for Abir’s sake. Kuhu explains to Nidhi about surrogacy.

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