Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16 October 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16 October 2020, Kuhu thanked the family for supporting him. She gets mesmerized seeing love.

Varsha thanked Mishti for her support. Meenakshi promises Varsha that from now on she will love Mishti and Kuhu equally.

Parul asks Mishti whether Abir calls him or not. Mishti is worried about the child.

Parul consoles her and says that the child is already attached to the family and now nothing will happen to her. Mishit says that he should click the family selfie and send it to Abir.

Later that day, Mishti dreamed of spending time with the child and Abir. back to reality; Abir calls Mishti. He asks if he had the same dream.

Mishti says yes. She wants to see the baby and says that she was not with him even during pregnancy and now she cannot wait anymore.

Mishti further asks Abir to cook and thinks if she will know that Meenakshi has prepared the food as she will not eat. Abir eats food and recognizes that it has been prepared by Meenakshi.

In the morning, Mishti prays to God to heal her child soon. She takes a call from Abir and reaches the hospital. Mishti realizes that the child is not well. Rajvansh concern for Baby and Mishbir.

Later, Abir and Mishti bring the child home. Everyone becomes happy.

Abir asks everyone to meet the child. Meenakshi asks Parul if the child is his own grandson. Parul says yes. Abir does not allow Meenakshi to meet the child. Meenakshi is left alone.

Mishti feels bad for Meenakshi. She further wishes that Meenakshi performs the aarti of the child. Abir behaves coldly towards Meenakshi. Meenakshi sheds tears.

Further, Mishbir shares a quality time with Baby. Mishti fixed the score between Abir and Meenakshi.

Kuhu decides to have a party for Baby. Jasmeet suggested Dandiya for the night. Everyone agrees with him.

Mishti, Kuhu and everyone get ready to celebrate. Mishti says that Meenakshi has donated to the NGO. Abir does not react.

Mishti also prays to God to unite Meenakshi and Abir. Kunal tries to get in the middle.

Abir tells him that he is happy after age and asks him not to waste his happiness. Kuhu tells Abir to stay with him.

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