Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 17 October 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 17 October 2020, Kunal asks Kuhu to help her dress. He gets romantic with her. Bruised blood Kunal and Kuhu decide the child’s name.

The child asks Kunal to say ‘Kunal’. Kuhu says one laddu chakro is enough. Kunal says that he does not struggle a lot. Then he learns that he confesses that he is a boy.

Duo laughs. There Mishti spends time with the child. Abir tells Mishti to get ready. Abir talks with the child and decides his name. Mishti arrives and Abir smiles upon seeing her.

Abir and Mishti become romantic and the children cry. Abir says that now Baby is here to put a break on their romance.

Mishbir laughed. There, Ketki and Kaushal Dandia arrive for the night. Nidhi becomes happy. Ketki asked for the baby. Mihbir brought the child down. Mishti prayed to Goddess Durga to unite Durga and Meenakshi today.

Further, Kuhu and Kunal give gifts to the child, Abir becomes happy. Kuhu tells that Meenakshi made Dandiya special for Baby. Abir leaves the place.

Mishti tells Meenakshi it is beautiful. Later, the dynasty do Dandiya. Kuhu beat Abir. Mishti lives with the child. Kuhu tells Abir that he does not have a Dandiya partner.

Meenakshi stays away and sheds tears. Kuhu suggests Abir to dance with Meenakshi. Abir leaves the place.

Also, Meenakshi sees Jhoomar falling. He saves Baby and Mishti. Abir and others worry for Meenakshi. The doctor examines Meenakshi and tells the family not to panic.

Meenakshi senses. He asks for the child and Mishti. Kuhu tells her that they are both fine.

Here, Kunal, Parul and Mishti try to understand Abir to accept Meenakshi. They try to convince him.

Abir refuses to listen to anything. There, Meenakshi says that it is her karma that Abir does not come to see her.

Late at night, Abir goes to see Meenakshi with the child. He watches her from afar. Nanu arrives at dawn and everyone becomes happy.

Nanu asks Meenakshi. Meenakshi sheds tears while beating Nanu.

Next, Nanu gives a child to Kuhu. Mishti asks Kuhu whether he has decided the name of the child.

Kuhu says yes and calls her ‘AMIS’. Abir decodes are named by Meenakshi.

Abir asks Meenakshi to name the child and give her the baby. Meenakshi calls her ‘AMISH’. Abir and Meenakshi meet again.

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