Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 17th Saptember 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 17th Saptember 2020, Mishbir closes his eyes. Mishti tells Abir that both of them will do what they say.

Abir says that he will do whatever is good for him. He shares, he is afraid of the idea of ​​surrogacy as Mishti and Kuhu shared cold relationships in the past.

Mishti says that she is also surprised to wonder why Kuhu thought so much for her. Abir says that this idea is of Meenakshi.

Here, Kuhu cries and Kunal consoles her. Kunal thanks Kuhu thinking about his family.

Kuhu thinks to stop Mishbir from adopting the child. Meenakshi enters the room and Kuhu squares.

Varsha gets tense thinking about Kuhu’s decision. Jasmeet asks Varsha to talk with Abir.

Abir romances with Mishti there. Mishti asks him to control as they are in NGOs. Abir says with surrogacy, Kuhu’s whole life will change which will not let him do so.

Varsha asks Abir about her plan. Abir assures Varsha that they will change their decision to Kuhu. Varsha thanks Mishbir for thinking about Kush and blesses him.

Next, Kunal calls Mishti and Kuhu calls Abir to meet separately. Kunal and Kuhu try to convince Mishbir to change their decision and say yes to surrogacy.

Kunal’s soulful words bring tears to Abir’s eyes. Mishbir agrees for surrogacy.

Kunal, Kuhu, Mishti and Abir group hugged together. Later, Kuhu informs Meenakshi that Mishti and Abir have said yes to surrogacy.

There, Abir and Mishti discuss that they do not know whether they did right or wrong.

Mishti says that she has noticed a change in Kuhu’s behavior. Abir says that he suspects Meenakshi is behind Kuhu’s changed behavior.

Here, Kuhu asks Meenakshi if she remembers her promise.

Meenakshi says that she remembers her promise and asks Kuhu to start her surrogacy process first.

The next day, Mishbir and Kuhu-Kunal agreed to go to the fertility hospital. Mishti tells Kuhu that if she is scared then she can be back-out now.

Kuhu says that she is afraid of Varsha. Mishti and Abir learn that Kuhu did not inform Varsha about surrogacy. The two decided to talk to Varsha.

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