Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th Saptember 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th Saptember 2020, Abir in which I promised Varsha. Mishti says that we have to tell her that Kuhu is in a fertility clinic. Jasmeet asks what. Rajshree asks them to come.

Jasmeet says that Varsha was relieved that Abir explained to Kuhu, but he is in the clinic. Abir says that we tried to explain them, but could not say anything.

Varsha says you promised me that you will convince Kuhu. He says, I am very sorry. Rajshree asks why did you say yes? Abir says that he said that if we do not agree then he will go to Dubai. Rain scolds her. She says that I will not believe you anymore.

Mishti says that Kuhu really wants to do this, she was getting emotional and mature. Varsha says that I do not want to talk to her, I will do what I feel is right.

Abir says but he needs you. Varsha says that she does not need me. Kuhu says that mother used to get angry and I used to hug her, now that will not work, Mama will not talk to me.

Kunal jokes and makes him laugh. He says that this smile is the best, keep smiling, don’t take tension. She nods. He says that your favorite restaurant is opening near our house.

She says she makes the world’s best salads and pastas. Mishti says that then we will go together. He gets some gifts. Kuhu asks where Mama is, what he said.

Mishti indicated that no. She says that you did not correct it by hiding it. The doctor asks are you ready Kuhu.

Rain cries. Rajshree says that Kuhu called several times, spoke to her. Varsha says no, she has already decided, she did not think it necessary to tell me.

Varsha gets angry and cries. She says that Mishti would never have done this. Rajshree says do not compare them. Meenakshi comes and says that they should not be compared, Kuhu has done a big job, we should forget everything and move on.

Rajshree says that we do not blindly follow any ritual. Meenakshi says that then you should be proud of Kuhu. Rajshree says that we are proud of our two girls, they assure the family that all is well, Kuhu has taken a tough decision.

Meenakshi asks them to give her sweets. Rajshree says that we left the sweets. Meenakshi left. Jasmeet says that we should go to the clinic before ruining our girls’ lives.

Varsha says she is right, I should go there. Rajshri agrees. Kuhu says that I will design clothes for the hospital after surrogacy target. Kunal says great idea.

Kuhu loves Mishti’s gift, Solitaire Earrings. Kunal asks what was needed. Kuhu says, people just do such silly things.

Mishti says that this moment is special for me, we are together and happy, thanks to Kuhu. Kuhu takes a selfie with them. Abir says that you guys are talking a great deal.

Kuhu goes. Rajshree and Varsha tried to summon Abir, Kunal and Mishti. They say no one is answering, Rekha is busy. They come to the clinic. They overhear the doctor telling them about Kuhu’s procedure.

Varsha cries and says we are late. Kuhu says, I am doing this for my future. She messages Meenakshi…. The pregnancy process is complete, the doctor needs to confirm.

Meenakshi replies… Let it be confirmed, I will fulfill my promise. She drops the phone. Mishti comes. Kuhu feels that Mishti can read the mother’s message.

Mishti picked up the phone and asked who are you messaging. Kuhu says that Mama is not talking to me, but I am fine. Mishti says that I will talk to her, she must be missing you.

Kuhu asks why she didn’t come. Mishti says that she will be in shock. The doctor comes and says that the procedure is complete, Kuhu has to come after two weeks, we will check if she is pregnant, she needs to rest.

Kuhu asks if I can order food from my fav restaurant. This pregnancy is not normal, doctors say, surrogacy is difficult, take care.

Mishti says that we will not let her get out of bed. Kuhu asks what. Mishti says don’t worry, I am there. Kuhu thinks exactly two weeks, I hope this sacrifice is worth it.

Abir comes to Mishti and teases her. He hugs her. She says I know what you mean, go from here. He tells her to say no.

He threw powder on his face. He runs Kuhu hugs Kunal. Kunal says, I have work stress, but you come before work, have you taken medicines, you have become careless.

She says that you spoiled my mood. He says I will come now. They see Abir and Mishti running. Mishti jokes. Kunal smiles.

Kuhu says they are all having fun, I can just relax. Kunal asks why, we can do a photoshoot for your followers. She says yes, you got smart.

Mishti and Kuhu do yoga. Look at Abir and Kunal. Girl beautiful… .play… Kunal gets a salad for Kuhu. Abir turns her away.

Nidhi tightens for him. MShe makes it for herself. Kuhu hugs her. She messages Varsha. Mishti wonders Kuhu. Nidhi clicked her picture.

Meenakshi calls Kuhu and presents the necklace. Kuhu dances. She says when my lockdown will end. Meenakshi tells her to go and rest, I will get the desired fruit if you are patient, I mean the joy of helping sister.

Mishti says that once the pregnancy is confirmed, I will ask the doctor to reduce the restriction. Meenakshi asks Abir if she is so upset with him.

Kuhu reads about shooting SRK. He sends Mishti. She thinks that the pregnancy will be confirmed tomorrow, SRK will not wait for me.

Meenakshi tells Nidhi to get sweets for Kuhu. Abir agrees. She thinks that I will see how long she is upset after the baby arrives.

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