Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 19th Saptember 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 19th Saptember 2020, Mishti is looking at herself in the mirror as she puts on a maternity dress. She looks at the cushion on the bed. Abir tells his mummy not to feed the laddoos to the bro himself or else eat them. he agreed.

Mishti is wearing a maternity dress and puts a pillow on her stomach. Abir enters. She quickly wipes her tears. He holds her hand. I know how hard it must be for you. She tries to make the situation lighter.

I ordered this for Kuhu because you know how boring she is. I was just checking the fit. He asks her if she is completely fine. She shakes her head and runs away.

Your questions are just like yours. It is a fresh wound so the pain is a little bit. He gets emotional. She assures him that she is fine. He taunts her and says that I love you.

She says I love you too. My work is complete, now you have to plan an outing. he nods. Then aunt called him. She tells them that Kuhu is not at home. I have checked everywhere.

Kuhu has run away from home to go to the production house.Abir and Mishti assure something and panic.

They all come out and notice the rope hanging next to the pipe. Mami calls Abir’s mother and her husband.

Mami tells Abir’s mother what had happened. She is about to question Mishti when Abir replies that Kuhu is not a eunuch and Mishti is not considered his guard 10 × 7. If she had known, she would not have been so stressed.

Mishti tells him to relax. They track Kuhu’s location in some studios and decide to go there. Abir tells his maternal uncle that they will bring Kuhu home.

No one has to do anything behind our back. He leaves with Mishti. Mami tells Abir’s mother that Abir was saying this to her. Her husband manages the situation. Abir’s mother is not happy over what Kuhu did.

Varsha is packing some stuff and crying. Jasmeet asks her to talk to Kuhu but Varsha refuses. Visambharanath and Rajshree come there.

Varsha hugged Vishambharanath. He says that we never thought that Kuhu would agree to surrogacy. Jasmeet says that he must have been pressured, but Vishambharanath is sure that no one can do this with Kuhu.

Something is going on in the house that we are not aware of. Abhi’s maternal uncle calls Jasmeet only then. Jasmeet puts it on a loudspeaker.

Mami tells her how Kuhu ran away from home today. We were going to find out today whether she is pregnant or not. Varsha ends the call.

Rajshree assured that Varsha Kuhu would be fine. Varsha says that Mishti said that Kuhu has matured, but see what she is doing.

What if she is really pregnant? I don’t understand what Nikki is doing. I’m afraid.

Kuhu arrives on set with her friend. Her friends keep asking her about her diet and how she maintains herself. Kuhu finds out that SRK has left for the day.

His friend suggests to go home but Kuhu refuses to return the same way. She accidentally leaves a prop. Everyone looks at him.

He is again told that SRK has left for the day. A producer gives her her card and tells her that she wants to become a model. He is thrilled at the idea.

Abir and Mishti are going to the studio. Mishti starts saying something when she reminds him that she is the real stuntwoman who is jumping out of the balcony.

Nothing will happen to him or our child. I’ll talk to her to make sure she doesn’t do it again.

She tells him to be nice to her. She is already making such a huge sacrifice for us. he nods.

Kunal calls Abir. He is in the studio, but finds Kuhu nowhere. Mishti checks the tracker. He is there Abir tells Kunal that they will arrive soon.

We will look for him together. Kunal finally finds Kuhu and his friend.

Kuhu was about to spill the beans about her pregnancy, but she stayed. Kunal covers for him. Kuhu’s friend leaves

Kuhu tells Kunal that he is angry if he has to show his friend. He asks her if she had to avoid it that way. She replies that she cannot remain locked in the house.

He asks her why she agreed to surrogacy then. You know that pregnancy is going to be confirmed today. Everyone is sitting there with an expectation and here you have put your baby’s life in danger as well.

She tells him to say it out loud. Not everyone listened to you yet. He asks her if she is giving him the attitude. She is upset with the way he is talking to her and tells her.

Abir and Mishti then reach there. Kuhu says sorry to them. I cannot be kept indoors. You (Mishti) know that SRK is my first love.

How could I miss the chance to meet him? Also, Kunal is scolding me. Mishti says that the main problem is that you jumped from the balcony without telling anyone anything.

Abir shakes his head. Next time bring Mishti along. Both girls look at him. Abir speaks of how Mishti used to jump from the balcony before her wedding just to meet him. Kuhu is surprised. S

Abeer gives more examples to make light of the situation. Mishti smiled. Let’s go home now. Abir signals Kuhu and he hugs Mishti. I’m sorry.

Mishti says that I know that the doctor has imposed many restrictions but we will all go out as soon as we get the report. Kuhu gets excited. Mishti said that they would use the door instead. Kuhu hugs her.

The children return home. Mami tells them that she called Jasmeet because she was worried about Kuhu. Mishti says that we had already found her.

Masi first tells them to eat Kuhu’s favorite ice cream. Abir smiles. Kunal goes to his room to finish some work.

Kuhu asks Mami why she called Jasmeet. He must have told the whole locality by now. She goes to talk to Varsha. Abir says that people have a problem with those who tell the truth. Let’s immerse our sorrows in a tub of ice cream. Mami nodded.

They see Mishti eating ice cream from the tub. Mami says that we will be able to do this only when we get something. Abir walks to Mishti. I know this is a family pack and you are my family but there are other people in the family.

Mishti finds out and she starts pouring it into a bowl but Masi tells her that it is fine. You were so worried. Mishti shook and hugged her. I don’t want to think about it anymore. Abir’s mother listens to everything. Abir tells Mishti that she tells us right.

Kuhu is now home. Think about your calorie intake. Mishti asks Masi if the report has come. Masi refused. Abir gives the tub back to Mishti. Keep on.

Kuhu talks to Jasmi on the phone. I want to talk to Ma. Jasmeet tells her that Varsha is very upset with her decision. His argument continues.

Meenakshi comes to Kuhu’s room. What if I drive you and Kunal out of the house? Kuhu says I did what you told me. I’m fit and fine.

Meenakshi says that you have promised to become a surrogate mother and will take care of Abir and Mishti’s child. I made these papers for Kunal and I can tear them very well. You have seen what I can do to get my rightful heir.

If that child’s life is in trouble because of you, then you do not even know what I can do. Kuhu says that the report is going to happen today.

Meenakshi tells her to pray that the report is positive. He will decide the fate of you and Kunal. The epic falls on Kuhu’s face.Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 19th Saptember

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