Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th Saptember 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th Saptember 2020, It starts with Meenakshi stopping Abir. She says she will not allow anyone else’s sins as the heir to her house. She says that she has stopped helping the helpless.

Kunal asks Meenakshi if she thinks the same about him. Meenakshi tries to defend herself but Abir argues with Kunal.

Abir and Meenakshi have war words. Abir decides to leave the house with Mishti early in the morning, after which Meenakshi tells her that the house belongs to her and that what she wants will be just that.

On behalf of Mirakasi, Abir apologizes to Kunal. He tells Kunal and Kuhu not to let Meenakshi affect their bond. The four groups of them hugged together. Here Vishmbhar decides to meet Mishti.

Varsha tells Vishambhar not to get angry at Abir because of Meenakshi. Mishti meets Vishambhar on a video call. Varsha invited Missbir and Kunal, Kuhu for lunch.

Abir decides to talk to Vishambhar about the adoption. Mishti feels that she is unable to understand whether they should adopt a child or not.

There, Kuhu feels that the battle of Abir and Meenakshi is affecting Kunal.

Kuhu asks Kunal to have lunch. Kunal asks Kuhu when he learned, Varsha is not his birth mother. Kuhu tells her that Varsha and her father convince her while going for a picnic.

On the other hand, Kaushal questions Meenakshi about how she can do bad things about Kunal. Meenakshi tells Kaushal to focus on Abir. Here, Mishti and Abir talk of adoption.

Mishti says that in this condition she feels that adopting a child is not a good idea.

Meanwhile, Kuhu explains to Kunal that he too can do a lot for the family.

Kunal thanks Kuhu for her suggestion. Later, Abir gets Vishmabhar’s call, Vishmbhar asks Abir to forgive him for his harsh words. Abir and Vishambhar share one thing.

There, Kunal goes to Meenakshi and asks her to find a way instead of isolating Mishbir. Meenakshi thinks about Kunal.

In the morning, Misbir and Kuhu arrive at Kunal Maheshwari Haveli. Rajshree feeds them to Jalebi. Rajshree and Vishmbhar ignore Mishti.

Mishti stood confused. Later, Mishti burst into flames after listening to Rajashi and Vishmbhar.

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