Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020, Kuhu wants to end the cold war with Kunal, saying that she was worried that he, her child, would be ignored.

Kunal says that there are two superstars in Rajkot, one is Kuhu, the other is Kuhunes. Nobody can ignore superstars. Kuhu calls her sorry, he asks her to change her mind so that next time he realizes that he is sorry even without telling her.

Mishti comes running and Abir follows her. Mishti curses herself and says that she does not deserve Abir. She says that Kunal had never felt the absence of Abir’s father, Koz, but Abir was not aware of his father’s father’s feelings.

Mishti says that she felt that her child would be very lucky to get the love of the whole family, but how can she forget that she is the mother of the child and she is bad luck.

Abir tries to console him. She runs upstairs and locks in her room. Abir, Kunal, Kuhu all try to stop him and try to open the door.

Mishti closed all the curtains and wept. Abir breaks the door and approaches Mishti. She calms down and says sorry.

Varsha is worried about something and Rajshree comes to her, she says that she had always seen Varsha as her daughter and now in so many years the daughter became a friend.

She asks Varsha if she does not share her concerns with her friend. Varsha says that Mishti and Kuhu were always treated the same in this house.

But after marriage, Rajshree Abir is giving more importance to Mishti, for example she is now worrying about why Abir, Mishti did not come for Pooja.

Rajshree says that Kuhu and Kunal are not interested in worship. Varsha says that the matter is not about Pooja, but of Abir, Kunal. She says that Meenakshi likes Kuhu more, so Varsha should not be worried about her future.

Varsha says that Meenakshi kept all the property in the name of Mishti’s child Abir. Rajshree angrily asks why Jasmeet and is talking like leaves.

Meenakshi comes to a place and takes pictures of some girls, she says that a boy asks for ice cream from his mother but the mother refuses and walks away.

The boy’s grandmother arrives and secretly buys him ice cream. The boy hugs her, saying that she is the best grandmother in the world.

Meenakshi feels that all happiness is on one side and becoming grandmother is on one side.

Kuhu arranges a private party for her and Mishti. Mishti comes there and is surprised. She accidentally throws a cold drink on Kuhu’s costume.

But Kuhu is calm. Mishti thinks if she is really Kuhu, she didn’t yell at him for spoiling her dress. Kuhu says that the dress is outdated and she is bored of wearing it many times.

Mishti asks Kuhu if she is happy Jasmeet aunty did not pressurize her for the children. Kuhu says that he is very intelligent and his guess is correct.

Abir and Kunal are having a chat. Kunal says that he has no words to make Abir feel better. Abir says that he should not have started this pregnancy topic, but realizes how much he loves Mishti with this.

Kunal says that Mishti is very lucky for Abir, Abir says that he is lucky for Kunal and both laugh. Kuhu, Mishti comes there. Mishti asks Abir if they can go outside. Abir happily agrees.

Meenakshi comes to Maheshwari’s house and tells Rajshree that Mishti cannot become a mother and can show her ultrasound report.

Meenakshi says that she built this business empire after working hard for years, staying away from family, now has no heir. She says that they no longer want mishti.

Rajshree says that Abir did not let this happen. Elder father comes there.

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