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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 10 August 2020, Mishti thinks of Abir and hurts her hand. Kunal and Parul take care of him. There he remembers Abir’s moments and asks Varun if he was deliberately trying to be a good person because he knew the truth long ago.

Saying yes, Varun tells Abir that he believed that Karan had an accident but when Ketaki came into his life, he got a chance to catch the culprit.

Abir defends Mishti and tells Varun that Karan tries to play with Mishti’s honor. Varun tells Abir that he doesn’t believe in his stupidity. Here, after thinking of Abul, Parul takes Mishti to the room. Kunal wonders why Mishti behaves strangely. Mishti prayed for Abir.

Varun, on the other hand, tells Abir that Mishti did not confess her guilt in public other than not marrying the girl. Abir was shocked.

Late at night, Kunal and Kuhu spend time with each other. Meanwhile, Abir prays to Goddess Durga and says that if the truth is out, she will be questioned and no one will say a word against Karan. He further says that whenever Mishti needs someone, Abir will protect her. At home, Abir thinks that after Kunal asks Abir if he is OK, Kunal needs support at home because Kunal asks Abir if he is OK at home.

Abir goes to his room and thinks he won’t let Mishti tell the truth. He thinks he doesn’t have much time left.

In the morning the Mehndi ceremony of the dynasty Ketki is celebrated. They are waiting for Varun’s family. Abir thought of Varun’s ultimatum and tried to persuade him. He further dances with Kunal, Mishti and Kuhu and is waiting for Sony.

Next, Mishti’s big dad and his family arrived. Mishti and Kuhu are happy. With them the dynasty danced and Abir played the drums.

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