Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 11 August 2020, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 11 August 2020, Mishti told Vishrambhar and Rajshree that he was happy to be here. Meenakshi introduces Varun’s family to Vishambhar and Rajshree.

Abir asks Soni why it was late. Varun says he is still here. Next, Abir and Kunal perform a dance. Mishti and Kuhu joined the dance. In the middle of the dance, Abir and Varun make excuses. Mishti goes after Abir.

Abir asks Varun why he was late. Varun asks Abir who he has chosen. Abir says Karna was guilty last night of attacking Mishti. Varun refuses to believe and says that he is taking the side of Mishti which means he has chosen Mishti. He says he will break the alliance with Ketaki later. Abir pleaded before Varun.

Mishti overheard the two discussing and told Abir not to take sides. She says she doesn’t know or that Ketaki will not be punished. Mishti runs down.

Dynasty dances and ignores sweets. Mishti turns off the music and yells at her to confess something. Rajshri asks Mishti what happened. Abir tries to speak but Mishti decides to confront.

Misit tells everyone crying that night and she murdered that night. She apologizes to everyone and says that the boy is Karan. Mishti praised Abir’s efforts over the past three months. Mishti urged Sonichi Kekati not to break the alliance.

Kunal asks Abir if Mishti has really spoken. Nirmala said yes and gave an ultimatum to Meenakshi. He says that if in two days Mishti will not confess the same truth before breaking the alliance before the police.

After leaving Sony; Vishambar asked Abir why he did not tell him the truth. Meenakshi asks Abir the same question.

Abir takes Mishti’s side and sees how Mishti is accused of everything happening in the post of the house he is returning to. He tells everyone how Mishti defended herself when Karan tried to attack her. The dynasty hit the stand. Everyone cries when they hear Abir. Rajshri takes Mishti with him. Vishambara also falls out of the house.

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