Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 12 August 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 12 August 2020, Kunal is asking Kaushal to take Ketki into the room. He says that when I came here, I realized that Mishti was scared and Abir was worried. He asks Meenakshi how she can’t see Abir and Mishti being harassed. He says Abir has been here for many days, you didn’t help him, he always solved all the problems for us, we all left him alone when we needed him, a lot changed when I was away. Kuhu says they didn’t tell us how we would help them.

Kunal says stop Kuhu, when no one understands anything, then we should remain silent, we should not gossip, we should be ashamed, your love for Abir has diminished in the face of hatred of sweets, today you are Ma. Meenakshi asks what did you say? Kunal says today you have lost. Meenakshi gets angry.

Abir comes to Vishwambhar. Vishwambhar says you have handled Mishti alone, I have not done my duty for my daughter and son, forgive me. Abir says, no, Mishti was with me, I was not alone, I came to thank you, you made Mishti strong, I was not with Mishti that night, she fought with that boy and did not let him come near, every father should strengthen his daughter There is a will.

Vishwambar says I am worried about Mishti, I want to take her with us for a few days, you take care of Ketki. Abir says no, I can take care of both. Vishwambar says I want to help you. Abir says you believe me, but not my mother and family.

Vishwambar says that we know Meenakshi’s anger, no one, no one to take care of Mishti, I want to take her with me for a few days. Kunal comes and says that I had gone to Mishti’s room to talk to her, she was angry. Abir and Vishwambar crowd.

Meenakshi consoles Mishti and apologizes to her. She says it’s a woman’s defeat, not a mother’s or mother-in-law’s defeat, forgive me. She tells Rajshree not to cry, Mishti is strong, credit goes to her. Everyone comes.

Meenakshi says you didn’t make a mistake, every woman is proud of you, Karan tried to make a mistake, he was a ghost, the goddess had to take up arms to kill the ghost. She says that Mishti did the right thing, today she told the truth, this is also right, Abir and Mishti were alone in this fight, now I am with them. “I know Ketaki’s future is in jeopardy,” she said. Kaushal says the future is in the hands of Ambe Maa.

Mishti will never pay the price for Ketki’s happiness, I am with you. Meenakshi Abir says, the mother understood the child’s problem, I could not understand it, I am a very bad mother, but you are my good son, I know I apologize to you and you will forgive me, I want a chance, please give Give me a chance. Mishti says it’s too late now, I’ve told them the truth, nothing can happen now.

Meenakshi says shut up, listen to me, you have done nothing wrong, this battle is not over, the battle is over when man loses, you are not lost, now a new phase will begin, I promise, I promise. Vishwambhar says I want to take Mishti home with me.

Meenakshi said I don’t know how Mishti and my granddaughter will become in future, I accept that I am not a good mother and mother-in-law, I want a chance to be a good woman, I want to support Mishti, don’t take her. Parul says that when I came to this house, Meenakshi used to hate, but she has seen a helpless woman instead of her husband’s other wife, she accepted me and Kunal, Mishti is her daughter-in-law, she will stand behind Mishti. Meenakshi says I swear, Mishti will not go to jail till she is alive. Abir says nothing can go wrong now, Big Ben is with us. Mishti thanked Meenakshi. Vishwambar signs it.

Varun’s father says that both of you know everything, why didn’t you tell me. Nirmala says I have told you now. “I want Mishti to be punished as well. I can do business easily only if the case is closed and I have a business in my name,” says Varun.

Nirmala said I want Karan to get justice, those people will not ruin Ketki’s life to save Mishti, you know what to do. They go. Varun calls Ketki. Kuhu cries to Mishti and says I can’t say it anymore, that I’m my favorite, I get angry, I hate myself, I’m so bad, so sorry. Mishti shouts and says it’s not our fault. Kuhu says I should support you.

Mishti tells her to stop crying. “I was scared to see such scenes in the movies. You endured it. You are the real heroine. Now that we are with you, you are even stronger,” says Kuhu. Mishti thanks her and hugs her. Kuhu asks her not to cry too much.

Mishti said we should go to Ketki and talk to her. Abir says forgive me by hiding this from you. Meenakshi says that your silence also spoke a lot, but I could not hear it. Kunal comes. Meenakshi asks did you do this? Kunal says yes, Mishti has been granted pre-arrest bail. Abir says okay, Ketki and Nidhi will be worried. Skill says yes, but they understand that you are responsible for sweets first

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