Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 13 August 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 13 August 2020, Kuhu says Mishti is brave but killing someone is not so intense that one will die. After reaching the scene of the accident, Kunal told Abir what he had said. When Abir arrived, he saw that Karan’s head was injured, as if someone had cut him off. Someone was present there along with Mishbir rather than Meenakshi saying this. The bits of the dynasty are collected and it is concluded that Varun should also be present there as he does not know that Mishti was there without him. Later, after Ketaki confirms, another shocking truth of the dynasty is learned that Varun asked her to do a pregnancy drama.

Kaushal gets angry at Ketki. Abir comforted him. After realizing that Varun Mishti had set a trap, the dynasty accused Soni. Abir supports Ketki. Later, Abir tried to explain Varun’s strange behavior. Here Kaushal tells the dynasty that Nirmala is coming home to see if they are sending Mishti to jail.

Next, the dynasty prays together and Abir stands together in support of Mishti. Meenakshi further tells everyone to behave rudely with sweets in front of Nirmala. She accompanied Mishti and told her to go and rest for a while.After that, Abir goes after Mishti and asks her to tell him what happened that night. She asks him to remember what she missed telling him. He gives her a rope of hope.

Nirmala and Varun dynasties come there. Meenakshi and others defame Mishti in front of Mishti. She further tells Nirmala not to punish Ketki for the sweets. Here Abir urged Mishti to think about that night and tell her if she saw anything strange.

Mishti says she felt someone’s presence there as well. Later, Mishti heard Varun’s mobile ringtone and told Abir that she had heard the same ringtone, before she fainted. Abir says, so Varun was sure that you killed Karan.There, Nirmala Mishti is determined to be sent to jail. Mishti arrives and Nirmala tells her to confess the truth to the police.

Varun asks Mishti to come to the police station with him. Mishti refused to go with him. The dynasty discredited Mishti. Mishti says that after marrying Varun Ketki, she will only go to the police. Abir accompanies Mishti.

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