Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 14 August 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 14 August 2020, Varun was asking Mishti to come to the police station with him. Mishti said she would not confess her crime to the police unless she took a vow of marriage with Ketki. Nirmala agrees and takes Varun along.

There, Kaushal scolded Ketki for lying and told Mishti and Abir to apologize. Abir and Mishti entered the room and Ketaki apologized. We are also sorry that Nidhi saved Mishti her daughter’s life. Abir cheers for both of them. Here Parul says that she does not understand why Mishti has not revealed about mobile before. Kuhu said with her shock. Tomorrow, Rajvansh will decide to get Varun’s mobile at tomorrow’s event. Kuhu said she suspected Karan’s murder.

Varun, on the other hand, tells someone on the call that Mishti will confess to her crime tomorrow. Nirmala comes and Varun asks her why she accepted Ketki. Nirmala tells Varun that he should marry Ketki.

In the morning Mishti tells Abir where all the important papers are kept. If she wants to get away from him, she says. Abir promises Mishti that she will not take Varun’s guilt on her head at any cost. Rajshree interrupts and tells Mishti to promise Abir. She further praises Abir for always supporting Mishti.

Next, when Varun’s family comes for the turmeric function, Rajvansh feels that they are upset with Mishti and accuses her. Next Kunal starts dancing and everyone joins him. Meanwhile, Mishti tried to take Varun’s mobile from his pocket.

Next, Mishti and Kuhu pretend to quarrel with each other. After Mishti and Kuhu were distracted, Abir tried to grab Varun’s mobile. After Varun’s family leaves, Abir celebrates the dynasty after successfully retrie ving Varun’s mobile.

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