Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 17 August 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 17 August 2020, Nirmala said that Mishti is not at home, right, Inspector Meenakshi is arrested, she is trying to save the culprit. Rajshri asks where is Varun, answer. She sees Varun on a video call. Mr. Soni says he had gone for office work.

Rajshri says no, he is not. She asked the year to connect the phone to the TV. She signs Meenakshi. Varun asks who it is, come out, I got your crores.

Nirmala and Shri. Sony was shocked. Meenakshi says it doesn’t look like office work. Mishti uses a voice changer and tells Varun to keep the money there, as evidenced by the car. She prays that he told the truth. Nirmala asks what it is.

Varsha asks why Varun took the money? Rajshri says he is lying to you, why doesn’t he tell you that someone is blackmailing him. Varun says, today has come after a lot of trouble, this is my wedding, I don’t want to spoil any special day for Ketki, I don’t know what you are talking about, Mishti hit my brother.

Mishti thinks what he is saying. Mishti says this is not true. She came out and said you know the truth. He says the truth is I love Ketaki. He looks around. She says you don’t love Karan, you can’t love Ketki, you killed Karan. He asks what he wants. She says Karan attacked me, I killed him in self-defense, I fainted, you killed him. What nonsense Nirmala asks, the inspector stops them.

Kaushal calls Abir and asks him to reach there, Mishti is confessing the truth to Varun. Varun asks Mishti how she knows about him. Mishti says the post-mortem report says that you also had a phone. Varun hits her. He says I don’t waste my time. Mishti tells his truth. He says that’s the truth, you can’t read. Abir tells Kunal to call Kuhu. It is called Mishti. Varun says you are finished, now you are in jail.

Kunal says Kuhu’s phone is not connecting. Kuhu shows them on a video call. Mishti said Karan’s watch was not mentioned. Nirmala said I will not leave Mishti, she is blaming Varun. Rajshri asks her why Mishti killed Karan. Meenakshi said Mishti is telling the truth, Karan didn’t have his watch on his hand, think how Varun got it.

Misty said you left some evidence, no CCTV camera, the police don’t have my fingerprint, how do you know about me, you killed Karan and grabbed his watch for emotional drama, you are worse than Karan, he tried to molest me drunk, this is you You have seen and done nothing, you think that I will be blamed and you will get property, sad, you will not get anything now, I am proud of myself, I did it myself, protection, you did it because your family hated you out of greed Will, life will play a joke on you.

Varun grabs her neck. He pushes her and takes the stone. Kuhu tells him to give up sweets. He pushes Kuhula. He says I’ve beaten Karan five times, one hit is enough for you. Abir comes and stops him. Vishwambar and Kuhu take sweets.

Abir thanks Varun for giving him another chance. He says I couldn’t save Mishti that day, whoever attacked women shouldn’t be called a man, you and Karan didn’t know that. He catches Varun. He says, sweets are everything to me, the game is over for you. He was arrested by Varun.

Varun says I will not leave you. Mishti hugged Abir. Slowly. Games. Abir and Mishti ask each other if they are OK. Abir says I told you we were arriving, why didn’t you stop if something happened? She says I know, you won’t let anything happen to me. She asks him not to cry.

They say I love you and hug you. Kuhu and Kunal smile. Mishti says that if Kuhu is not there today, then Om. Thank you. She hugged Kuhu. Abir hugs Kunal. Abir thanked Kuhu. They come home. In-laws flag flower खेळ .. game. Meenakshi performs Aarti of Abir and Mishti and welcomes them. They take a photograph.

A few days later, Rajshri came inside the house shouting Abir. She says Mishti fainted. Abir asks if you called the doctor, is she okay? Rajshri says I am happy, I have got some good news. Meenakshi really asks. Abir says you are smiling too, I am tense.

Rajshri says yes, there should be tension between mother and father. He says it means sweet and I. Kunal and Kuhu Mishti get home. Happy things too बात. Games. Abir hugs Mishti. They laughed. Meenakshi said that Kunal and Abir could not get the love of a father, Abir felt that their children would not have to face it.

Abir says Mishti, you have given me the greatest happiness, I will give happiness to this child. Nata Mera. Games. Abir opened his eyes and looked at Mishti. He does Aarti and thinks that I have been having this dream since this night, is this dream reminding me of Janmashtami or my promise?

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