Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 19 August 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 19 August 2020, Mishti is saying that the decoration is ruined but who did it. Nidhi says that it is a chocolate stain and they think Kekati may have done it. She says she will scold him. Kuhu intervenes and reveals as her decorum is spoiled.

Varsha scolds Kuhu for negligence. Mishti says that she will fix it. Kunal tells Kuhu to get ready as the reporter will enter the house anytime. Mishti tells Kuhu to go meanwhile and get ready; She will fix the decor again. Kuhu and Jasmeet wonder why Mishti was not shouting at him.

There Abir prepares Kunal. Meenakshi interrupts and Abir and Kunal praise her. Meenakshi says that Kuhu and Mishti will also become good mothers. Here, Mishti and Varsha try to fix the decoration. The rain falls Rajshree tells Rain not to take stress. Later, Vishmbhar brings new decorations and Mishti becomes happy.

Kuhu gets ready and comes forward, Abir tells about his Janmashtami plan. Meenakshi asks Abir to start the program. In addition, Abir and Mishti dance. The dynasty becomes happy after seeing both. Mishbir replaced Radhakrishna. Abir plays the flute.

Further, journalists are enchanted by watching Abir and Mishti’s dance. Jasmeet tries to provoke Kuhu against Mishti and tells him to go to the journalists before Mishti is lured away. The reporter asks Kunal and Kuhu to start the interview.

Later, Abir feeds Mishti. Rajshree asks for prayers. Abir and Mishti think of a child. Meenakshi prays to Geed and asks him to bless Mishbir with a child.

Late at night, Abir and Mishti discuss the child. Kuhu and Kunal enter the room and show pictures of their photoshoot. In the morning, Abir sees a photo of himself and Mishti on the cover picture of the magazine and hides with Kunal. Meenakshi tells Kunal about the same. Further, Kuhu walks out and curses Mishti and tells her that one day she will cry the way she is crying right now and she will be in the headlines. Mishti was surprised.

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