Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 2 Saptember 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 2 Saptember 2020, Mishti brings Abir to the NGO, she again tells him not to give up the child. He reveals that he does not need anyone if he is near her.

She says she wants to focus on what she doesn’t have to worry about. She agrees to work in an NGO, she agrees.

She says that she wanted to give the best life to her child, now she wants to give a good life to NGO women, mothers, children. Abir greets him and the two spend a fun moment.

Visakha shouts at Meenakshi for not having sympathy with Mishti. She says that they themselves will take Mishti with them. He threatens to give a police complaint when he tries to send Mishti out of their house.

Mishti and Abir are happily working and Meenakshi meets a woman and tells her daughter to get ready for marriage with Abir for 3 months.

Mishti and Abir reminisce about their initial meetings. She says that the heroines usually fall on the scarf hero, but Abir’s turban fell on Mishti upon their first meeting.

And usually, the hair of the heroine flies in the air but Abir Baal was flying in their second meeting. He calls her an angry chronicler and he steals her clothes first and hearts next. T

hey both plan to go out in minibuses with the whole family.

Vishambar and Rajashree talk about Meenakshi. They think of going to the royal house.

Abir, Mishti, Kuhu, Kunal are discussing being out, Kunal wants to go on a flight, Kuhu wants to travel in a train. Mishti says that everyone has different travel preferences but the whole family has to live together.

So they will rent a mini AC bus with comfortable seats. Meenakshi arrives and Mishti tells her about the outing plan.

She knows that they are all worried about her, but she will recover with the support of all the family. Vishmbar and Rajshree arrive and tell Meenakshi about the plan to send Mishti out of this house.

Abir is shocked and asks him if this is true. Meenakshi says that she is not happy with Mishti. She cannot change the fate of Mishti, but may change the fate of this house. Mishti cannot become a mother, but he can become a father.

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