Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 22 August 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 22 August 2020, Meenakshi loses her cool over Parul and Nidhi. She tells them that Abir and Kunal have become housemates. She asks Parul about the battle of Kuhu and Mishti. Parul tries to speak and Meenakshi asks why she cannot take care of Kunal and Kuhu.

There, Jasmeet tries to incite Varsha against Mishti. Meanwhile, Abir attempts to bring a smile to Rajshri’s face. Rajshree smiled. Abir tells him not to worry because everything will be alright.

The Ahed, Mishti and Kuhu dynasties entered the house. Meenakshi watches them. Mishti says that she will solve her and Kuhu’s problems. Meenakshi ignores the prayers and leaves the place. Rajshree calls Mishti and considers her to proceed. Here, the clan asks Kuhu to talk to Kunal and try to bring him back.

Later, Meenakshi tells Vishambhar that if she does not send Abir and Kunal back, she will send her daughters home as well. Mishti realizes her mistake and she cries.

She wonders why she fought Kuhu. Mishti has a stomachache and drinks water. She further, sees pictures of him with Abir and cries. Further, Vishambhar calls Mishti and asks her to meet him.

At the Maheshwari house, Abir and Kunal learn about Mishti and Kuhu’s past relationship. Varsha begs Kunal to return home. Here, Abir tells Rajshri that he has discussed his future with Mishti. Rajshree becomes happy.

There Visambhar lost his cool on Mishti. He urges Mishti that the issue be resolved at the earliest. Mishti decides to fix everything. She says that she will accompany Kuhu to Maheshwari’s house.

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