Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 24 August 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 24 August 2020, Mishti talking to Abir. She asks why did you leave the house, come back, I miss you. He says that I miss you too, I want a house where there is no quarrel.

She says I promise I will not fight. He asks if you tried to talk to Kuhu. She says I know, I should sort it out, I have to bow down to her, I’m talking to you, don’t force me. He says, well, you don’t force me to come back home. He disconnects.

Mishti asks Kuhu to listen to her. She says that Meenakshi spoke unkindly to the world because of our quarrel, we need to sort it out. Kunal calls Meenakshi and asks what are you doing? She says I am waiting for my sons. Kunal says that we will return home.

She says that if you are waiting for Kuhu and Mishti’s fight to end, then we will just wait. He says that it was Abir’s idea. She says I have tried this, they are still fighting, my family was together when I was driving home.

Kunal says I think, I will talk to Abir. Abir takes the phone and says that they have to realize why we are away, they have to find a solution. Kunal says I will call you back.

Abir says that she cannot drive home about Mummy, but we can decide about our wives. Parul goes to help Mishti. Meenakshi asks Parul to give her medicine. Mishti asks for help from Kuhu. Kuhu comes to help Mishti. Parul asked if he had patched up. Meenakshi asks to see her.

Mishti says that I was thinking of making khichdi for dinner. Kuhu says that we can have wedge soup. Meenakshi says Kunal is not like vegetables. Kuhu says that everyone likes it. Meenakshi says, but Abir and Kunal are not here. Mishti says that we are going to get them.

Kuhu says together. Meenakshi overhears them to ask that if they are lying, it will be worse. Kuhu says that there is no option now. Mishti says I know you have a problem with me, I can do anything.

Abir tilak Kunal. Kunal says listen to me, I am not feeling well after talking to my mother. Abir jokes. Vishwambar awaits Mishti and Kuhu. Lights go on. Mishti and Kuhu come home, accompanied by the doll house and Kavita. The light comes on. Mishti and Kuhu act together.

Mishti says sorry and hugs Vishwambhar. Jasmeet says that Kuhu has decided everything. Kunal says that Kuhu and Mishti are intelligent. Rajshree says that they fight and then win the hearts of all. She hugs Kuhu. He plays … Rishte … Mishti hugs Abir. Kunal hugs Kuhu. Everyone smiles.

Abir thinks if they are repeating the childhood drama, it means that Mishti is lying to me. Rajshree says that I will get something to eat. Kuhu says yes. Mishti says that we will make it. Abir says relax, you relax. Mishti asks Kunal if I should help you pack your luggage.

Kunal says yes. Abir says that you said sorry to Mishti. Kuhu says that it was our fault. Abir says that Mishti said that it is your fault. She thinks of pretending. Kunal asks if both of you are pretending to take us home.

Mishti says that Abir plays a lot, does not come to his words. He says that does not come between us. She says, just come back with us. He says I will call Mummy, she will be waiting.

Rajshri comes and says that you did well to end the fight, promising, you will not fight anymore, you will stay with Kuhu and keep everyone happy. Mishti says promise. Rajshree says that she has promised to think about the future with Abir.

Mishti asks if he told you, I will talk to him, do you think I can start my family. Rajshree says that you are also my daughter and Vishwambar’s daughter, a girl becomes a mother if she gets maternal feelings at hand, then talk to Abir. Abir says that you have solved, otherwise you would have been guilty for breaking the family like a doll house. Kuhu gets angry.

Abir tells him to stop. Kunal calls Meenakshi and says come ready to have dinner with us, we are coming. Meenakshi and Parul become happy. She says come home soon.

Parul says, they are returning home. Kuhu yells at Mishti and scolds her in front of everyone. Rajshree asks what happened now. Kuhu says that he told Abir about the doll house.

Mishti says that I did not tell her anything seriously. Varsha asked that you told her. Kunal says no. Rajshree says I have told Abir about this.

Abir says you did well, we believed his play. Kunal asks that you were doing a play. Mishti says that we had no other option. Abir says that you had a choice. If you really tried to solve it, you opted to lie to us. Vishvam

Mishti says that relationships are made by heart, not coercion. You cannot change our relationship by giving an ultimatum. He says you are not understanding me, the truth will come out, anyone can join, our children will be involved, will we fight in front of them, I am not asking you and Kuhu to be best friends. , I don’t want to go through this stress, you remember what I asked you.

She says yes, then you leave me and come here. He says that you think I will leave you, Rajshri and Vishwambhar are doing you a favor, it is wrong to expect you to be a parent, you are a child yourself, I don’t think we have to plan anything needed. they cry. Saathiya mere… .play… .he goes.

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