Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 25 August 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 25 August 2020,Meenakshi says that the house will get back the discipline, I know Abir well, whatever he says, I just wish that Abir and Kunal return home. Parul smiled. She opens the window and looks. She gets tired and asks Meenakshi to come and see her. They see Mishti and Kuhu coming.

Meenakshi seeks Abir and Kunal. Mishti says that I have never felt alone in my life. Parul opened the door worrying about Kuhu. She asks if Kunal and Abir did not come. Meenakshi shouts. Meenakshi gets angry and throws her bags towards the door.

She says that a wife should stay with her husband, your husband will not live here, I could not do that, wait for Kuhu, I give you 12 hours to explain them to you, otherwise you understand that my The doors closed for both of you.

Vishwambar says that soon everything changes, I used to smile at this doll house, I am ashamed now, what shall I say, the girls have won my trust, it was my fault, I do not win their trust Pie, my upbringing failed.

Rajshree says no, it is not so. He says that he has lied to us, I regret that I cannot teach him to stay united, now it is too late. She says I can’t explain my heart, what can I tell you, they don’t know what happens to them, they are happy when they are together.

He says everything is ruined when they are together, does love spoil the children, we tried to treat the children friendly, we failed, the mother who was strict towards her sons won. Gai, look at Abir and Kunal, they are an example of love and unity. Abir and Kunal arrive.

Vishwambar says that I think Meenakshi’s methods are correct. Meenakshi says that I was right about both of you, both of you are not right for my sons and this house. Mishti and Kuhu say that we are trying to get them.

Meenakshi says that Kuhu always taunts and Mishti is not silent, just think what they will do if they want to do something like us, this storm will ruin my house, this is my promise, I will not ruin my house Will do Mishti says that I promise to get them back. Meenakshi says that there is less time, end this drama, else I will end this drama.

Abir says, don’t worry, Mishti and Kuhu always fought. Vishwambar says that the matter is nothing less, otherwise both of you do not come here. Kunal says that if we return home, things can be fixed.

Abir says that yes, Vishwamber could hide behind his charming smile, I know that there is a third reason that worries him. Vishwambar says that you understand me well, no matter what I say, I always considered you my son, you can stay here but Meenakshi is very upset, she told me on phone that if both of you will not return home, So he will drive Mishti out. And Kuhu.

Abir says I should have known this. Vishwambar says that she will be worried. Kunal says we should go back, Kuhu is mostly wrong, if she does something, I will apologize to you and can manage the mood of mother, allows to go home.

Vishwamber says that maybe we have done something good to get such sons-in-law, we should support them. Rajshri nods. Kunal, says Vishwamber, does nothing to go home without a solution. Abir says, yes, we have no choice, to return home or solve the problem with patience, not because of Meenakshi, we are your sons and can live here, I will talk to Meenakshi, my blessings is. Kunal says don’t worry, I can say that Abir has the idea of ​​managing Mam.

Abir says that we will manage Mummy, Kuhu, Mishti. Vishwambhar says well and goes. Rajshri Thank you Abir. He says just pray that my way works. She says that you are a good son and you will be a good father, I would like you and Mishti to have a child. Varsha smiles.

Jasmeet says that Kuhu will become the next Parul, Mishti will get the baby soon. The rain stops him. Jasmeet says that Kunal is not listening, Kuhu will listen to us. Kuhu says that if Abir and Kunal do not come back, I will be out of this house. Jasmeet asks why you didn’t work in front of Abir, maybe Mishti provoked you.

Kuhu says either help me or don’t talk. Varsha asks if you have more work to do than fight with Mishti, think about Kunal and your future, the right time to think about a family. Kuhu says don’t ask Jasmeet, Kunal and I should be in the same house for this. Varsha says that this is not the time to joke. Kuhu looks at Mishti.

Mishti remembers Abir. She says why didn’t you come here, she wears her black dress and goes to Maheshwari house secretly. Kunal works on his laptop. He gets Kuhu’s message and smiles. He responds to his crime by threatening someone, if I report to the police, you will go to jail.

Kuhu chats with her. She writes that it’s not funny, come back. He tells her to try with Mishti. Mishti enters her room and says Abir. He looks at the pillow in its place. Abir comes and asks what are you doing here? She says that I came to fight with you, I wish I would wait for you there.

He says that Meenakshi will not exclude you and Kuhu. She becomes depressed. He says that you know that I cannot let Meenakshi do this to Kuhu and you.

Mishti says that this room was the hotspot for Kuhu and my quarrel, I don’t want to fight, I can’t claim to end the problems, I understand it now, I don’t want to go through this negativity for my children, I can tolerate Kuhu, but I cannot bear the annoyance of you all.

He says that before our marriage, we were best friends, a team. She remembers her moments. Sathiya… plays… they cry. She says I have upset everyone, I am sorry.

He says that I do not want to come home helplessly, I am sure that you also want this, I believe that you can solve every problem. She says that I promise that we will not let our marriage come between our friendship. He says we will find out tomorrow.

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