Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 27 August 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 27 August 2020, Mishti screams in pain. Abir asks him what happened. Mishti says just cramps. The doctor comes and tells that Mishti will also get the diagnosis, the pain does not seem to be normal.

She asks Mishti if there was any such pain earlier. Mishti remembers and says yes. Mishti is worried about Abir and Mishti gets ready for ultra sound.

There Rajashree tells Meenakshi about Kuhu and Mishti’s bonding. She also tells about Kuhu’s accident. Meenakshi asks Rajshree if Abir and Kunal are also returning home with Mishti and Kuhu.

Rajshree says yes. Further, Meenakshi says that now the discipline of her house will also return. Varun and Jasmeet talk with Kuhu and ask her to start a family.

Here, Abir and Mishti talk of starting a family. Mishti asks Abir that he has arranged the expensive test. Abir says because he cannot take a chance for his children.

Mishti talks about money and Abir remembers his childhood. The nurse intervenes and takes Mishti for testing. Also, Varsha and Jasmeet still try to convince Kuhu to have a child. Kuhu refused.

On the other hand, Mishti thinks of Abir and says that both her and Abir’s childhood were not good. But they will love their children more.

Later Mishti, Kuhu, Abir and Kunal return home. Abir tries to take blessings from Meenakshi but Meenakshi stops her. Abir realizes that Meenakshi is upset with him. He decides to confront Meenakshi.

At Maheshwari Ghar, Rajshree decides to celebrate Ganpati. Wishful agrees.

Kuhu and Kunal spend time with each other. Kuru talks about starting a family suggested by Varsha. She says she is not ready to plan the baby. Kunal asks Kuhu to leave the talk now. They both feed each other.

Later, Abir goes to Meenakshi and tries to talk with her. He learns that Meenakshi is upset with him as he asks her to stay away from his case. Duos argues.

After Abir says that Meenakshi is shocked, she has trouble, which does not involve her in any case. Meenakshi says that she will neither pray to God nor will her child ever face such a bad day.

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