Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 28 August 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 28 August 2020, Rajshree said that the tension between the families is over, we kept Ganesh Puja in the house. She invites the family.

Meenakshi says that we will definitely come. She says that Abir, Rajshri called us and invited us to worship. Abir goes to Mishti and says that Meenakshi is not happy after everything is well.

Mishti asks if Baby is angry like her grandmother, I will manage, her smile should be like yours. Abir asks are you ready? She says I was just saying.

Abir comes home. He sees red balloon decorations. He smiles. He goes to his room he looks at Mishti like he saw in his dream.

Dheere dheere… plays… She says that I do not know how to do poetry, who said that only poets can romanticize the moment, this rope of hope kept us together and did not let us break up, now the child will make our relationship Will make you stronger.

Abir smiles and says that you are ready. She says we have a lot of love, it would be selfish not to share it with the child, I have thought a lot, my answer is what you want to hear. They become romantic. Have a heart… .play…. Abir becomes close to him.

In the morning, Meenakshi says that maybe they have come. Kuhu says that Ganapati is coming. Abir and Kunal find Vishwambhar’s idol. Rajshree asks Abir to help in the decoration. Abir stops Mishti. He goes. Kuhu calls Mishti. He gets hurt. Abir tells him to be careful.

Rajshree asks if you talked to Mishti, what did she say. Kuhu showed modak. Mishti says that I yearn for Modak, we will have it after worship. Rajshree says that Mishti becomes a child every time on festivals. Abir says that this means that I have to take care of two children, he is ready and wants the same. Rajshree asks the truth.

Nidhi looks at Mishti and Kuhu. Abir says that I think if we are hurrying. Rajshree says that everyone defines their authority, the child will bring a big change in Mishti and his life, do not think of others, think of himself and Mishti’s life. He thanked her. She says that you and Mishti will become the best parents.

He says that you are the best nanny in the world Vishwambar asked Abir and Kunal to keep the idol. They do. The doctor calls Abir and asks if Mishti had any accident, she had internal injuries.

Abir asks why are you saying this. Mishti burnt her finger. Kuhu looks after him. The doctor says sorry Abir, Mishti’s chances of conception are zero.

Abir gets shocked and sees Mishti. Meenakshi comes to call her. All people perform Aarti. Abir takes Asha’s rope. It gets stuck and falls right there. Abir cries. Rajshree says that worship is done, now we will have food. Kuhu stumbles. Abir holds him.

Kuhu says that if you help me now, I will help you in future. Abir goes to call. He says relax, Mishti cannot become a mummy. I’m overreacting. He calls the doctor. He throws the phone. Kunal caught the phone. Jasmeet says that giving Mishti grandchildren will become Meenakshi’s favorite.

Mishti gives medicine to Meenakshi. Jasmeet asks Kuhu to have a baby soon. Kuhu tells her to stop. Varsha says that Jasmeet is right, Parul is Kunal’s mother, think this. It slipped from my hand, says Abir Sorry.

Kunal says that Mishti has hidden all modaks, let him explain. What can I explain, Abir says, is the problem of NGO licenses. Kunal asks what.

Abir says that the NGO women wanted to start a new program. Kunal says that I am sure you will find a way. Abir says that sometimes all paths are closed.

Kunal says we will make our own way, come. Mishti asks Kuhu you are fine. Nidhi asks her to listen. Kuhu asks do you also want to talk about the child.

Nidhi says, yes, you know this, I have seen heart balloons in Mishti’s room, why did Abir tell Rajshri about the child, not Meenakshi.

Meenakshi tells her to say clearly. Nidhi says I heard Abir saying that Mishti is pregnant. Everyone smiles. Kuhu asks if this is a joke. Meenakshi asked Rajshree.

Rajshree says I don’t know, they will say Kunal says that we will ask Abir and Mishti. Nidhi says how Mishti can say, she must be ashamed, I have seen romantic decorations in her bedroom. Mishti smiled. Kuhu says so many details, you are embarrassing them.

Meenakshi says Mishti you tell me. Mishti says that Nidhi is confused, I am not pregnant, but we are ready for the baby. Abir remembers the doctor’s words.

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