Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 30 July 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 30 July 2020, There is a discussion between Mishti and Abir. He says everything you did that night was right, remember. Meenakshi arrives and puts the earrings on the clothes in engagement. Abir smiled. Mishti said thank you, it’s really beautiful. She says, Abir, Nirmala called and said that she wants her relatives to come, but they can’t come because of Corona, I said I will try to make arrangements.

Abir says I will make arrangements. She says no, I’ll take care of it. Abir says sweet and I want to help. She asks are you sure Abir says believe us and see. She was right. She asks do you know Varun before? Abir says no. She asked do you know Karan? He says no.

He says that Mr. Sony also runs NGOs, I thought you met Varun or Karan. He says, no, I’ve never met them before. She goes. She got a call from Laxman. He says, Mishti met Mandar, he works in the hospital. She says find out all the details, Mishti didn’t know it, I won’t let her take my son.

Ketki says sorry. Abir says everyone is happy if you are happy. Sweets come. Ketaki asked Mishti to help her. Abir says I will help you. He jokes. Mishti said I will help. Abir smiled. Everyone sings happy things too.

Mishti said I can help you if you want. Ketaki says there is something. Varun came out the window and said there is a surprise. Parul gets antique crockery. Nidhi asked Kuhu if Ketaki told her something.

Kuhu says no, maybe she told Mishti. Varun tells Mishti to keep a pen drive, there is a surprise video for his parents, will it help them? Sweet says how sweet, who is this video. Ketki says Varun’s brother. Parul says Kunal will try to come. Kaushal says Varun’s family has come. Abir says I do what I say. Kuhu arranges. Varun and family come. Kuhu comes and tells Kuhu to get ready.

Kuhu says the bangles do not match Varun’s clothes. She told Mishti to go to Abir. Mishti says Ketki, don’t worry, I won’t let the surprise go wrong. What Kuhu does right. Abir says Nirmala wanted her relatives to attend the event. Nirmala tells me when I told this to Abir when the fund helped.

Abir says don’t worry about Varun, we know how to make promises and keep them. Abir sees Mishti smiling. He admires her. On the side of Varun and Ketaki, she shows special gifts for Varun’s parents, she is. Abir says nice, look at my surprise first. He gets Varun’s relatives on video call. He shows them on the big screen. Nirmala says Abir can do anything.

Meenakshi says that everyone here can do anything for the family. Mishti said Ketki has arrived. Kuhula gets Ketki. Abir signed Ketki. Varun and Ketki are engaged. Kuhu asks Varun to tell Ketki some sweet things. Varun Ketki says, I don’t know filmy things but I promise I will try to keep you smiling for the rest of my life. Everyone claps. Varun says and this is not a joke.

Kuhu gives the ring. Varun puts a ring on Ketki. Nirmala asks Ketki to say a few words. Ketki says Varun and I have a surprise plan for both of you. Varun signed to go to Mishti. Mishti is playing video. She apologized for the inconvenience, thank you for bringing Varun into your life.

Abir thinks that Karan has never come in your life. Mishti says I wish Karan should be with us. Abir was shocked to see Karan’s pictures. Mishti said that this surprise belongs to Varun and Ketki. Nidhi thanks Mishti. Nirmala cried when she saw Karan’s crop.

Abir says Mishti, you are the best. Mishti said thank you, let me watch the video. He says if you find this weird, I said, you’re really good. She says thank you, you are a stranger here, see I missed the video because of you. The video plays again. Ketki says that Karan always amazed everyone. Mishti was shocked to see Karan’s picture. Everyone dances. Abir sees Mishti crying. She remembers the incident and she is overwhelmed. Abir yells at Mishti. Everyone is surprised and asks her what happened.

Abir is sitting next to Mishti. He called her to take medicine. The sweets rise. He says everything is fine, relax. She cries Varun says, Mishti is not well, should I talk to my doctor? Meenakshi says, no, Abir talked to his doctor. Nidhi says, it was like, I had seen this in a serial, the heroine had a brain tumor, did Mishti also have it? Parul tells her to speak well.

Nirmala said that children’s diet is wrong and such things happen. Mishti said, no, that’s not right. Abir says relax, I am with you, our hope is also a rope. She says no, how that person came in Varun’s video, someone joked with us, no… that person is Varun’s brother, no. Abir says I wish I could change this truth, but I couldn’t, the truth is that person is Varun’s brother Karan.

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