Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 31 August 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 31 August 2020, Abir feels as if it is a nightmare and not a truth, he thinks that if Mishti will take the truth if it is so difficult for him to accept the truth.

Mishti needs to know the truth, but right now she cannot handle herself, how will she handle Mishti. He thinks of calling Bade Papa.

Mishti shouts in pain, he gets tired and runs. He asks what happened, where he was injured, how it happened. Mishti asks if he is Jasmeet aunty or reporter or question paper, why is he asking so many questions.

She says that she is perfectly fine. Abir tells him to sit, he will work. She says that she should have taken care of him. Mishti says that she is not pregnant yet, she says that she does not pick up a glass of water after getting pregnant.

She sees pregnant books there. She asks if he is wondering why she is reading these books. She does not know many things about pregnancy, she will have to make some efforts.

She cannot overcome him with her knowledge. She thanks him for starting this topic of pregnancy, otherwise she never thinks about it.

Meenakshi is sad looking at the old pictures. Kunal’s mother comes and asks him what he is doing. She reminds of her pregnancy time with Kunal.

She supported him a lot and never made him feel that she was his husband’s second wife.

Kuku is worried and tells Kunal that his mother, Abir, is holding some property on Mishti’s child. Abir, Mishti are already important and now their child is also important.

He is concerned for his place at home. Kunal gets angry at her, he taunts her if he wants to get pregnant to compete with Mishti.

Kunal comes out of the room and sees Mishti. He asks her why she is awake, if she is thinking about a future child.

Kunal and Misty are talking to each other when Kunal shares many things with Mishti and says do you know that I love my mother very much? I am struggling a lot in life alone and there was none other than his back and he shared his burden.

He says Mishti are you worried about your child? Imagine that my brother and I lived right with my mother, but still she could not spend her happy moments with him because she has a lot of responsibilities to work with and a lot of responsibilities to take.

That’s why I’m so excited to go to the office because I can finally ease some of my mother’s responsibilities. Abir comes out of the room and he talks between Mishti and Kunal.

Mishti says that our child will get love from many people of this family and it will be a good thing. Kunal, you are forgetting an important person and he is my brother Abeer.

Kunal says that there is really no one in my brother’s life who can be their father and can advise them that he goes wrong when he needs a friend to share his things.

But he took that place in my life and that is why I never needed a father in my life or I felt like I needed one.

Think if Abir can love his younger brother so much, then how much he is going to love his own child. Mishti says that this girl will be lucky for our friendship.

On the other hand, Meenakshi is thinking about Abir and Mishti that she is praying to God that this time she will not give white and her son will be happy to raise her child.

Varsha is arranging Ganpati Aarti at her house and Kunal comes there and wishes them good morning.

Kuhu is angry with Kunal but he is silent. She tells her mother and aunt that Kunal is not even ready to hear that in this way everything will go to Abir and Mishti.

Varsha tells him that you should plan a child as soon as possible so that Kunal can understand his responsibilities. Abir is trying to avoid the topic of pregnancy and tells Mishti not to go into paternity anytime soon and wait.

Misty’s words make sense that there is something wrong and she is trying to hide something from him.

She desperately seeks her ultrasonography report and tries to contact the doctor but Abir snatches the phone from her hand and says that I don’t want you to know about it.

Mishti questioned Abir about this and she finally said that you can never conceive and Mishti is completely broke. He tells Abir to stay away from him as he has bad luck for all and that too. Mishti leaves the room.

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