Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 4 August 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 4 August 2020, Varun says I can’t stay here, let me go now. Ketki runs to Mishti. Mishti asks why are you looking so upset? Nidhi asks why you don’t look upset, you’re fine, he’s leaving because of you. Who asks for sweets. Ketki says Varun thinks he forced you to play and you got sick.

Mishti says I will stop him. Nidhi says you played in front of him. Please don’t spoil things, Ketki says. She goes. Nidhi says that Ketki’s relationship was broken because of you. Mishti says Veda was not a nice man. Nidhi says but Varun is not Veda, stay away from Varun and Ketki.

Abir and Mishti come to Varun. Abir says sorry Varun, it’s not your fault, you just wanted to have fun. Varun says no, I’m fine. Kuhu says give us a chance to be happy, we will show our crazy and funny side. Mishti said I have a good idea, we will play a real game, you decide now. Varun says sorry, I decided to go home. He smiles and says this joke, I’ll be back. Mishti looks at Abir with a smile.

Meenakshi comes to Mishti. Mishti says we thought of playing games, I thought of baking cakes, do you have? Meenakshi says for sure, Kaushal told me that you explained to Varun. Mishti says that I will do my best not to cause any problem in this house due to my health. “It’s worrying for us if you’re upset,” says Meenakshi.

Mishti says I feel better now. Meenakshi says I was planning a family vacation. Mishti says grand idea. Meenakshi says you all went to the resort before the lockdown, Kuhu, Kunal and Abir on the left, but you were there, angry, right. Mishti suffers. Meenakshi asks if you were waiting for Abir at the resort?

She says I decided to end our differences, we will speak freely and tell the truth, you want it too, right. Mishti says yes. Meenakshi asks what happened that night. Varun Shri Shah says, I know Karan’s way of working was different, I will call you later. Kuhu comes. Varun says I was making a game list. Kuhu checks the list.

Varun sees Karan’s photo. Kuhu Varun says, 3 months have passed. He says yes, but I remember that night yesterday. Mishti says that day. Meenakshi says that Kuhu and Kunal reached home that night, Abir returned, Kuhu said. Remember to make sweets. Meenakshi asks why are you stressed? Abir comes and how can he say that I apologized to her many times and then she agreed. Abir holds the rope of her hope in her hand.

Mishti says yes, Abir is a magician, he fixes everything. Meenakshi says you were scared just now. Abir says you are asking such questions, she will not tell you how I persuaded her. Meenakshi said, yes, that’s right. She goes. Mishti thanks Abir.

Mishti gets cakes for everyone. Ketki says Kuhu will also have Kunal’s cake. Abir jokes. Kuhu says we turn the bottle, thinking of the health of the sweets. She explains the truth and dares the rules of the game. Varun turns the bottle and asks the truth or is patient. Kuhu says courage, I kind of dare. Abir says I agree. Ketki says tell a joke to Meenakshi.

Mishti asks how to make a prank call on mobile. Ketki says okay, call her and say I love you. What’s weird about Kuhu, it’s weird. Varun says I thought you were brave. Kuhu says I dare. Ketaki calls Meenakshi and puts her on the speaker. Meenakshi asks why are you calling me last night. They tell Kuhu to tell them I love you. Kuhu says I love you mom.

Meenakshi asks are you all right? Kuhu says Kunal was remembering you and asked me to tell you this. Meenakshi says go to sleep now. Varun laughs and says dare Ketki. Abir says I will turn around. Mishti looked at Varun’s watch. Abir turned the bottle. Varun tells the truth, I am not as brave as you. His watch collapses. Kuhu takes it and asks how your watch broke. Varun says you missed the opportunity on a stupid question.

Kuhu says that was not my question. Varun says I gave this watch as a gift to Karan, he wore it on the night of the accident, maybe when he fell down, the glass shattered, I put it in his memory, I miss him so much, he always bothered me mom. And at the behest of his father, he would have handled everything, he was very understanding and mature. Sweet shouts.

Varun says he comes in my dream every night, I ask him why did you leave me, what happened that night? Abir looks at Mishti. Kuhu says sorry Varun. Varun asks Mishti if you are okay? Abir says yes, she was emotional and a father.

Ketki asks let’s play next. Varun says I am fine. Ketki rotates the bottle. It is the turn of sweets. Abir says the game is getting serious, we will change this game. Varun says your wife is menstruating, my question is what happened to your health. Abir says let her choose the truth or dare. Kuhu said she would choose the truth. Abir says give her a choice. Mishti said I feel uncomfortable, I will go. Mishti and Abir go. Nidhi Ketak

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