Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 5 Saptember 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 5 Saptember 2020, Abir whenever he thinks he will cry in silence but will not let Mishti’s smile fade. Mishti feels bad about Abir.

Meenakshi thinks that she will never forgive Mishti because Abir is suffering because of her.

On the other hand, Kuhu shares with Kunal that she wants to help Abir and Mishti. He asks Kunal to plan a child so that Meenakshi abandons the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAbir’s second marriage.

Kunal breaks Kuhu’s idea and Meenakshi clearly states that she only wants Abir’s child. He praises Kuhu for his kindness.

There Abir and Mishti spend time with each other. Abir consoled Mishti. He tells Mishti to keep smiling. The duos feed each other ice cream cakes.

Here Rajashree and Vishmbhar talk about each other and discuss about Mishti and Abir. Vishambhar feels that he asks Misbir to keep him till he gets a new house.

Further, Mishti asks Abeer to share her pain because after knowing the fact that she cannot be a mother she saw his pain all but nobody bothered for her.

She asks Abir to tell him what is going on inside him. Abir feels sad. Meanwhile, Vishambhar suggests Rajshri to become Abir’s force. Rajshree agreed.

Abir gives his heart to Mishti. He asks Mishti to stay with him forever.

Mishti recalls Meenakshi listening to Abeer and wondering if their relationship is just a compromise.

Later, Rajshree meets Abir and asks Abir to open up with him. Abir embraces the weeping Rajshree. The two talk to each other. Rajshree inspired Abir.

Here, Vishmbhar talks to Mishti. Mishti decides that she will no longer bring tears to her eyes.

Also, Abir prays to God to support him. There Mishti cries and decides to leave the house. Kuhu comes to Mishti. They share a moment.

Mishti asks Kuhu if she can book a cab for him. Kuhu asks why? Later, Abir decides to adopt a child.

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