Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 7 August 2020 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 7 August 2020,Meenakshi thanks Misty for performing the ritual. Mishti said I promise, everything will be fine. Meenakshi said Ketki is pregnant, this is marriage, Nirmala was very upset. Mishti said everything will be fine, Rasam will be fine.

Meenakshi asks her to come. Varun and family come. Nirmala said beautiful decoration. Meenakshi says that Mishti did it all. Nirmala says sweets are special, good performances. Mishti says I didn’t have much when Kuhu was with me.

Nirmala tells the young bride and groom to start work. Mishti said I will get it. Nirmala signs Varun. Abir comes to Mishti and says I will take it. Mishti says let me do it. She takes the box. Abir saw some red on the floor. He gets worried and rushes. He stops Mishti and says give it to me, go and get some cute jewelry from Parul, we make it, it will surprise us. The sweetness goes away.

Abir checks the dolls. He sees a red color on his face. He wonders who did it. He thinks Kuhu did it. Abir says we will keep Ketaki’s doll jewelry, I need your help, please help me. Parul says I will get it. Abir thinks everyone is waiting for the function. He prays. He got a call from Kunal. He smiled. What Nirmala asks is, all is well. Meenakshi tells Kuhu to tell Abir and Mishti.

Abir shouts We are ready for a small event, let’s get started, wedding of the year 2020, superstar is invited to every big function. Nidhi asks if we call SRK or Salman Khan. Abir says we called Rajkot girls first love, our superstar came, get ready. Kunal comes there playing drums. Everyone is amazed to see him. Kuhu says my fighting boy.

Kunal greets her. Everyone gets emotional. Kunal hugged Parul, Meenakshi and Ketki. Everyone dances on twist… .. Kunal and Kuhu come closer. Abir and Parul clean the dolls’ faces. Parul asks who did this work. Kunal goes and stops Mishti. Funding takes him. Mishti pulled the rope. Varun is of the opinion that Mishti will be frightened when she sees red dolls and will tell the truth. Everyone gets to see the dolls.

Nirmala looked at Varun. Kunal was relieved. Abir hugs him. Mishti plays a parody. Milti and Kuhu dance on the walk. They perform rituals and marry dolls. Meenakshi is crying emotionally. Varun goes to Nirmala. He says that Mishti doesn’t even remember that she killed Karan. Nirmala tells him to speak slowly. He says no one likes sweets, not even her sister. She takes him out. Mishti tells Abir to catch her. Abir says I want to say something. She asks him to tell. He says I don’t mind, sweetie, I like…. She stops him. He says come later. She says no and runs. Nirmala said we confess to her. Abir looks at Varun and asks all is well.

Nirmala says yes. Abir says I will come. Nirmala says don’t go ahead of Abir, he is very smart, he will know our plan. Abir asks whatever happened. Nirmala said, no, actually the police want to close Karan’s case, Varun thinks it is murder, I told him to admit it was an accident.

Abir tells him to forget the past, this is the best option. He says you are going to get married, you are going to be a father, Ketki is a beautiful girl, she will fill your life with happiness, you love her too. Varun says I will take back the case. Abir says I know it will be difficult for you. He goes Nirmala says Abir will relax now, we will play our next game as the case is closed.

Kunal sat down for dinner. Nidhi says Abir and Mishti are behaving strangely. Kunal says I thought everything was fine. Kaushal says he is worried because Mishti remains unwell. He jokes on Kunal. Kuhu says his entry was dramatic and fictional.

Kunal says that Abir forced me to do this, can we say more. Nidhi says that Abir would have gone, but Ketki’s. Kuhu tells Kunal to ask for sweets, not Keshki. Kunal says, come Kuhu, sweet again, I am happy to be back before marriage, we will eat together, tell Abir that I am waiting for him, he will come. Kuhu says you surprised us. Kunal says I wanted to tell you, but Abir said surprise is amazing. Meenakshi asked Kuhu if she would talk to Kunal now. Mishti received Abir’s notes. Abir comes. She asks what all this is about. He gives her a rope of hope. He says you don’t need it anymore, Varun admits that his brother had an accident, it wasn’t a murder, he decided to close the case.

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