Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 18 August 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Episode 18 August 2020, Abeer is getting upset. Mishti tells the dynasty that he is joking. Kuhu asks Abir if he is joking. Abir says yes. Mishti says that she understands all his signs. Further, Meenakshi thinks that Abir does not care about business, so he is not impressed by the news of the award.

Abir gets upset with Mishti for not being able to understand his actual sign. Mishti stood confused. Parul asks Mishti to think about what Abir is trying to say.

Kuhu prepares for the interview there. Kunal and Kuhu share a moment together. Here, Abir asks Mishti whether he understood her signal or not. Mishti says that she understands, she gave her god to prepare her. Abir gets angry and runs out of the room. Mishti smiles and says that she understands his sign but likes to tease him.

On the other hand, after being gifted his costume by Kunal, Kuhu becomes enchanted. Further, Abir goes to Singhania’s house and hears about Kuhu and Mishti’s child about Varsha and Rajshree.

Later, Abir shares his concern with Rajshree and says that he does not know whether the child will be able to take care of him when he comes into her life. Rajshree tells Abir that he and Kunal will be the best father. She blesses Abir.

Here, Meenakshi and Parul become happy seeing Kuhu and Mishti’s solidarity. Later, Mishti and Kuhu danced with Abir and Kunal (Chori Chori Chupke Chupke Chupke Aaye Mein Aarajya). Later in the night, Kuhu spontaneously celebrates Janmashti.

In the morning, Abir receives the message from Mishti and learns that Mishti received his signal. Abir asks Mishti why she was harassing him. Like Mishti says. Abir tells him that there is no pressure on his side to take his side.

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