Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla 18 March 2021

Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla 18 March 2021, Momo and Rocky arrive in Sweetu’s area. Sharad gives Naalu some money which makes him wonder.

She tells him to give money to Suman and to put it in front of God. Nalu gives money to Suman and feels overwhelmed.

Momo comes to Sweetu’s house and asks him for help. Momo mentioned that she is tense about marriage. Sweetu tells Nalu that he cannot come back to her house and help her. Sweetu mentions that Malavika will call someone to help.

Vasantha mentions that Sweetu should help Momo and even Rocky tries to convince him. Naalu seems reluctant but Sweetu tells him that they need his help.

Vasant has lost his job and wishes to do something for him. Sweetu refuses to let her go and she will take care of herself.

Nalu reminds Sweetu to give the bangle back. Rocky feels happy as Sweetu is coming back with them and tells Shaku about it which makes him feel excited too.

Shaku and Omkar welcome Swu to the house but Malavika gets annoyed at his presence.

Sweetu does everything at home and helps Momo with her look. Later, she helps Mohit and Malavika in their work. Omkar sees Momo trying to stitch the button on his shirt.

Sweetu interferes and fixes the button. Mohit sees the bangle on Sweetu’s hand and decides to tell Malavika about it.

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