Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla 19 March 2021

Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla 19 March 2021,Despite being humiliated by Malavika, Mohit informs her about the expensive gold bangle in Sweetu’s hand in an attempt to provoke Malavika.

Also, he tells her that he has also seen the same bangle in Shaku’s hand. An irritated Malavika then leaves to look into the case.

At Salvis’ home, Vasant keeps thinking about how everyone in the family is working hard to run home and feels guilty for not being able to share the workload.

In addition, he remembers how he got beaten up in the factory and feels ashamed. Soon, Nalu tells him about his aggressive mood. When he takes her heart out of her, she reassures him and boosts his morale.

Back at Omkar’s house, as Sweetu returns, Omkar keeps a close eye on him. The sight of Sweetu before Omkar becomes enchanted.

Later, Shaku goes to return Shuku’s bangle and urges Shaku to take it back. In addition, she puts forth her thoughts beautifully before Shaku which wins the latter’s heart. Then Malavika comes and checks Sweetu’s hand.

Seeing that Sweetu is not wearing any bangle, Malavika checks Shaku’s jewelery box and takes Shaku’s bangles. Furthermore, she declares that since it is a ancestral piece of jewelery, she will keep it to herself to give it to Omkar’s wife.

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