Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla 20 March 2021

Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla 20 March 2021,Sweetu helps Momo while Malavika prepares dinner for the engagement.

She even imports mushrooms because Omkar likes them. Malavika instructs the servant who asks him about putting a plate for Sweetu. Malavika insults Sweetu and Mohit provokes her.

Malavika tells Sweetu to stay within her limits and not take advantage of her friendship with Omkar. She gives Momo the traditional family bangles and asks her to take care of it.

Momo calls the jewelry a tackle and inadvertently insults Malavika. The bangle falls from Momo’s hand and Sweetu catches it.

Malvika sees the bangle in Sweetu’s hand and berates Sweetu. Later, Nalu and others sit for dinner in the dark as there is no electricity. Meanwhile, Sweetu misses Lalu and Ghar. She calls her family in the video and cries.

Later, Sweetu comes to stay at the outhouse and talks to the other servants who are there, who are surprised to see her. Omkar comes home from work and gets angry at Malvika’s call.

He smells something in the cooking and asks about it. He follows the smell and reaches the outhouse where Sweetu is cooking.

Onkar realizes that Sweetu lives in the outhouse and asks who shouted at him. Sweetu says nothing but Omkar understands it and asks him to come back but Sweetu refuses to come back.

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