Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla 24 March 2021

Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla 24 March 2021, Onkar sees Sweetu watering the plants and approaches him to tell him something. He stumbles and runs away while Rocky calls him.

Meanwhile, Nalu is surprised at Mohit’s words but does not realize that the food she is cooking is burnt. She tells Kalpana that Sweetu will have to adjust to Mohit’s place.

Vasant sees both of them and tells her not to think about Mohit and Sweetu at all. Even Chinya suggests that Mohit is not right for Sweetu.

Nalu tried to protest but Vasant refused to listen. Omkar practices the words he wants to convey to Malavika and feels nervous.

He tells Rocky that he will try to convince Malavika. Later, Malavika remembers her fight with Shaku and Omkar asks what is bothering her. Malavika tells Omkar her anger and pain and tells her that she will not forgive Shaku for this.

Mohit once again comes to Vasantha’s house and tells him that he has got his job back. Later, Momo plays with Khanwilkar’s traditional bangle and throws it to his dog, Jadoo.

Shaku sees her and cries. She asks Onkar to bless those bangles from her ancestors and give her a promise to give those bangles to someone who will value her.

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