Anupamaa Today Episode 4 August 2020

Anupamaa Today Episode 4 August 2020, Anupama said she tried but failed and how to learn it was with everyone without fail. She asked if Paritosh and Pakhi had ever failed. They remain silent. She asked him why it was wrong if she failed, then why it was wrong if she tried.

Vanraj asks her what she needed to ask. He says he works and earns money so what did she need to work. She says she did not join the job for money but her family especially her children can be proud of her. She says she would not have failed if her family had supported her at the time. She says everyone believes she doesn’t deserve the job.

She has said that she has no complaints against Kavya as she is the only one who believed in her and Jayesh later. She says that everyone felt that her place was only in the kitchen and in the house and that her children were ashamed to tell anyone who her mother was because she could not speak English like them and her educational qualifications were not up to date. She says they don’t have to treat her as if she were God, but at least she has the right to be a mother. She says her educational qualifications were not a problem when she was taking care of the family but now it is a problem for them.

Anupama said she did not study because her father had died and her mother had got married while she was studying. She said Leela had promised that Anupamia could study after marriage but that did not happen because she was weak in studies. She says she is happy with her responsibilities as a daughter-in-law, wife and mother. She says she failed but she tried to be incomparable to the mother of her children and this is really a big deal for her. Samar and Leela’s brothers applauded.

Anupama walks towards Paritosh and Anupam says she failed but she will not fail as a mother and she will talk about her marriage not an outsider. She says she does not forget that she is the mother of her three children and no one can snatch her right from her and she will not let anyone snatch her.

Kavya reaches her house and remembers Anupama’s words. In his room Vanraj thinks that one person started talking and one person stopped listening. He jokes with her that he forgot to talk to her and clap. She says she told him what she didn’t say. He says that for that useless job, she created such a big drama in front of the whole family and Kavya. She asked if she really felt like she did everything because she lost her job. He asks then what is the reason for her. He says he never stopped her from doing the job, just told her to get home on time but she failed then what can he do. He says she made mistakes but put all the blame on Kavya. He says she should be ashamed of what she did instead of being angry. She says she must accept the mother’s responsibility before asking for rights.

Anupama remembers Vanraj’s words and Bhavesh’s phone rings. Bhavesh says he called her the next day to tell her that Rakhi is there. The next morning, Anupama prays to God to make everyone happy. Leela’s brother teases Leela.

Vanraj called Kavya and asked why she did not take the call and due to Rakshabandhan he could not meet her today. She asks if he is going to celebrate Rakshabandhan all day on the day he can’t meet her. He says his family is also important for work and he always spends time with his family on festive days. She thinks she knows how important it is for her family, but when he spends time with her family, she doesn’t know about his insecurity, and the next day she will show him what insecurity means. Samara is happy to see Vanraj’s changed attitude towards him. Anupama also pays attention to it.

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